Petition to use reusable travel mug when buying drinks in urban areas

Petition to use reusable travel mug when buying drinks in urban areas

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Michelle Rivera started this petition to President Rodrigo Duterte and


      Plastic pollution has become one of the worst environmental problems in the Philippines as the production of disposable plastic products have increased that caused this kind of pollution to be visible all around the country especially in the urban areas in the Philippines. Most of the plastic trash are found 80% from the land and 20% from the water areas but the discarded plastics can be found in the overfilled garbage cans, landfills, rivers and from vehicles. Therefore, this petition mainly aims to use reusable travel mugs as an alternative beverage container when buying drinks in urban areas to avoid the increasing number of plastic pollution in the country.

      According to the Inquirer's 2019 Statistics, FIlipinos' daily usage of plastics and bottles are 163 million and once the Filipinos started to throw more than 163 million of plastics daily, the Philippines will be covered almost knee-deep in plastic waste in one year. "The problem is the huge amount of single-use plastics being produced—not just the way waste is managed,” said Froilan Grate, executive director of Gaia Asia-Pacific.

      The following are the possible consequences if this kind of problem continues to increase in the Philippines:

  • It could affect the wildlife.
  • It could affect the future groundwater.
  • Since plastics aren't easily decomposed, plastics have a big chance in polluting the land or air nearby once people start to burn plastics in an open air.
  • It could go underwater and kill the marine animals by getting suffocated or mistakenly eat plastics.
  • It could be a factor of landslides and floods.
  • Plastics are poisonous to the point that the exposure of plastics could link to a number of health concerns affecting the Filipinos in the Philippines.
  • The Philippine government would likely spend more money in having redevelopment of the places that experience heavy plastic pollution.

      However, this petition is primarily based on the philosophical view of environmental justice as it consists of fair distribution of environmental benefits. In this philosophical view, it emphasizes equity for there are certain people who are willing to implement this kind of petition to create a meaningful change in the country. This petition also involves environmental aesthetics for this petition only aims to create and make the change happen without destroying the nature. In this petition, environmental aesthetics is a good help for the Philippines to avoid the increasing rate of plastic pollution by simply using travel mugs as a beverage container because it preserves and improves the environment without causing hazard to the environment.

      There are plenty of benefits in the country once this petition is supported such as:

  • The Philippines' death rate could decrease because Filipinos tend to be healthier without pollution.
  • Filipinos would be able to enjoy cleaner and safe water.
  • The Filipinos and the animals would be able to enjoy surroundings and environment.
  • Animals in the shelter would be able to have more peaceful surroundings.
  • The Philippine government would be capable of saving more money instead of implementing projects and creating reconstructions in the places vulnerable to pollution.

      To solve this kind of problem that the country experiences, the Philippine government must support this petition because as everyone knows, plastics and bottles are really a big factor in the current environmental problems. Also, Filipinos must learn to reuse, reduce and recycle to avoid experiencing this kind of problem in the country because the change begins within ourselves. By simply having discipline to follow rules and regulations in the surroundings would also create a big impact in the country.

      Humans must not take the environment for granted. Everyone must consider how decisions create an impact to the environment. Therefore, to sustain safer and cleaner environment, everyone needs to act as one and everyone must have the discipline to start the change within ourselves not only to preserve the environment for the future but also to attain clean environment for it is fundamental to living a healthy life.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!