Petition to stop throwing garbages and plastics in ocean

Petition to stop throwing garbages and plastics in ocean

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Mica Guilalas started this petition to President Rodrigo Duterte and

    Philippines is surrounded by bodies of water that gives a lot of benefits, as well as it is the means of living for some . But, due to lack of knowledge,people doesn't know the consequeces of throwing plastics and other garbage in water.That's why  oceans and rivers are polluted and full of plastics floating everywhere.Affecting the lives of people,animals, and the economy of Philippines.Companies use plastic in every product and it takes a lot of time to be gone.The plastics and garbages that's thrown in water are blocking the waterways across the country, and worsen disaster particularly during rainy season.Many reports said that fishes died because of plastics that they ate, and a polluted habitat. People should start knowing the bad effects of using and throwing too much plastic, and start learning to separate the garbages, so we can recycle it and lessen the use of it.

     According to a report, the Philippines has become the third largest source of plastic leaking into the ocean and has among the highest trash collection rates in South East asia.

Delon, P.(2018). Philippines 3rd largest contributor to Ocean plastic.

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Throwing garbages and plastic in water have many consequences:

  •  Water Pollution- throwing garbages and plastics into the water causes water pollution that affects not only humans, animals but also the Earth.
  • Floods- plastics and garbages blocks the waterways causing it to flood easily during rainy season.
  • Suffocation and Chocking of sea creatures- if garbages and plastics is thrown in water the oxygen could be depleted, this result in poor health for marine life due to lack of oxygen.

    This petition shows philosophical view of Environmental Ethics and Environmental Justice.Environmental Ethics, because people should be more disciplined and responsible for the environment, humans, animals and Earth. Environmental Justice, because everyone should follow the environmental laws, implementations, and regulations.

    This petition has many benefits if followed like:

  • It will lessen floods during rainy season- if there will be no plastics and garbages in ocean and rivers, there will be lesser floods.
  • There will be no water pollution- water will be cleaner and safer for everyone.
  • Marine animals will have a safer environment to live- because the water is not polluted anymore they can live safer.

    Throw plastics and garbages in proper trash cans and put it accordingly.Recycle it so there will be lesser plastics. Avoid using it too much especially when going to market, instead use a bayong or re-use the old plastic.Follow the environmental laws.

    Doing simple things makes a big change in our world.Throwing plastics and garbages properly saves many lives, as well as the Earth.It is not the end to save the Earth, we can still make a big change for everyone and for the next generation.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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