Save Jennifer Dalquez From Execution

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President Rodrigo Duterte
Malacañang Complex
J.P. Laurel Street
San Miguel, Manila

Petition to Mr President of the Philippines, His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte

We the undersigned are deeply concerned for the life of one of your citizens, Jennifer Dalquez. Jennifer has been a migrant domestic worker all her life but is now fighting to save her life in the UAE.

In December 2014 Jennifer fought off her employer who was determined to rape her at knifepoint. Unfortunately it was her employer, who ended up dying. Now Jennifer is facing a death penalty for resisting rape. On the coming Monday, (27 March ) in the UAE, the judge will ask the deceased Emirati’s children to swear before the court 50 times, in the name of Allah, that Jennifer Dalquez is the only person they know who killed their father and not any other person. If the children swear before the court 50 times, the court will give Jennifer Dalquez the death penalty.

Dear Mr President, Jennifer Dalquez needs your help. We the undersigned kindly request that you ask for an Executive Clemency for Jennifer Dalquez and help spare her life. Your sympathetic actions will send out a strong message to all the other Fillipina migrant workers in the rest of the world.
We hope you are able to take this small action to save the life of one of your citizens.

Rajima Dalquez and Abdulhamid Dalquez, Jennifer Dalquez's parents
Marissa Begonia, Justice for Domestic Workers
Justice for Domestic Workers UK
International Domestic Workers Federation
My Fair Home,
International Trade Union Confederation
Overseas Fillipino Workers
Union Solidarity International
Jas Uppal, Justice Upheld
Making Herstory
Migrante Partylist,
Sarbjit Johal, Freedom Without Fear Platform
Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of AIPWA (All India Progressive Women’s Association)
Uday Bhat, General Secretary, Maharashtra, Rajya Sarva Shramik Mahasangh, Domestic Workers Division, India
Anjum Mouj Chair of London Black Women's Project
Rahila Gupta Southall Black Sisters