Confirmed victory

Beatrice Mtetwa, a fearless human rights lawyer and advocate for change in Zimbabwe, was arrested March 17, 2013, for asking police to show her a search warrant allowing them to search her clients home. She has been charged with "obstructing justice" and is presently jailed in Zimbabwe. This is a travesty. For over 30 years, Beatrice has been risking her life defending victims of the Mugabe regime, often without pay for her work. Her clients range from farm workers to peace activists to single mothers and political figures. Although Beatrice Mtetwa’s arena is Zimbabwe, her message and bravery are universal. When asked why she does her work, she responded, “You know this has to be done, somebody has to do it, and why shouldn’t it be you?” Free Beatrice, President Mugabe. She is guilty of nothing other than fighting for justice for the Zimbabwean people.


Letter to
President of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe
Release Beatrice Mtetwa from jail in Zimbabwe