Tell President Barchi - Pay Student Workers NOW

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About two weeks ago, amid the Coronavirus outbreak, ​Rutgers shut down the majority of it's campus operations. From direct hires in different RU departments, to jobs in RU franchisers, - his has been a major blow for graduate and undergraduate students. Many of these students have either been left in harm's way as they continue working on campus or they were laid off and are now without an income. 

Student workers rely on this to pay for tuition, rent, groceries, and to support their families and they shouldn't have to pay for the crisis - Rutgers must! 

And so student workers are demanding, in solidarity with all full-time and part-time staff on campus, that Rutgers provide protection and payment for all student workers during the entire closure of the campus. This is broken down in these demands: 

For all student workers: 

  • Baseline communication from their managers  - many students have reported hearing nothing or receiving a very informal message from their managers with no long-term plan 
  • Earned sick leave to be awarded to all student workers in a timely fashion

For students out of work:

  • Paid time off for the remainder of the semester
  • Consistent with TA/LA positions where they get paid per semester while students spending time doing research get nothing

For students still working: 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training on use
    Proper PPE . Period. 
  • Hazard pay for workers at increased risk
    Volunteer and time and a half pay for worker who are not at elevated risk 
  • Pay to cover childcare costs for workers whose children are not in school

We NEED President Barchi to compensate student workers and ALL Rutgers workers now. To help him feel the pressure we ask that you: 

  • Sign this petition
  • Share the petition on your social media and  (if you're comfortable with it) post a picture of yourself with a sign that reads - "BARCHI PAY NOW" 
  • Tag the post to the facebook page - Pay RU Students Now!