Make Parking On WWU Campus Free

Make Parking On WWU Campus Free

297 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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Why this petition matters

We pay thousands of dollars to attend college.

We move to a new town (or not), make heavy financial sacrifices and take on an intellectual challenge to better ourselves and our community. 

To get from wherever you live to the school, students can walk, bike, or drive. 

Those who drive to WWU’s campus must have a permit to park on campus, which is almost $300 per quarter, and is typically sold out- meaning the majority of students aren’t able to get a permanent pass to park where they need to. 

Therefore, those who do not have permits must pay $2 per hour to park on campus. 

If a student lives far away, or has to bring a load of things to campus that cannot be carried (a project, a heavy instrument, equipment, etc), driving a car to school is a NEEDED resource- for a large population of students.

Make parking on WWU campus free for everyone. You’ve paid enough to get your education- you shouldn’t have to pay to store your car in a safe place while you take your classes. 

Students can’t afford parking fees or fines. Abolish the parking fees and allow driving students to get to the classes they pay for without gouging them for more money. 

At the very least, as a first step towards justice for WWU students, we demand that parking tickets only charge the student for the time they hadn’t paid for- not $30-$41. 

297 have signed. Let’s get to 500!