Recognise policy violations in the TATA Mundra plant.

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Recognise policy violations in the TATA Mundra plant.

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Aminaben . started this petition to President of World Bank, Dr.Jim Kim and

I am a fisherwoman. We depend on the sea for our livelihood.

My life along with ten thousands of others  is at stake. One of the biggest reasons is the Tata Mundra project, financed by the World Bank. President of the World Bank, Dr.Jim Kim, can save us if he hears from you and us.

The power plant has blocked our traditional route between the shore and the market; lobster and turtle breeding grounds are flattened. Effluence from the power plant has depleted fish catch.

Coal dust falling on fish out in the sun for drying makes it toxic and non-marketable. To make things worse,  coal dust from the coal conveyer belt affects the health of our children, the elderly and even animals.

Based on a complaint from us, International Finance Corporation (IFC - private sector arm of World Bank Group), did a scientific investigation of this project.

They concluded that this project has gone all wrong, right from the time of planning and at every stage of its execution. The project has not complied with any of their own policies which has caused this damage to our lives.  

The findings of the report makes it very clear that IFC’s continued engagement with the project will negatively impact the people and environment. The person who has to make a final decision on this is the President of the World Bank, Dr.Jim Kim.

Despite such evidence of non-compliance, the World Bank president, Dr. Jim Kim, refuses to take any adequate action. Rather, he supported the management, who defended their financing and their client.

As the head of a development bank like World Bank, we expect more responsible action from Dr.Kim Jim.

We have started this petition urging him to:

1.       Recognize IFC policy violations and the serious impacts of its financing after CAO audit reconfirmed community’s complaint;

2.       Develop remedial action plan that has clear timeline, specific targets and monitorable indicators that address restoration and reparation needs; and

3.       Withdraw IFC funding immediately from the Tata coal plant and do not consider funding for project expansion.

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This petition had 29,662 supporters

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