Tell Congress to Make Employee Bill of Rights into Law

Tell Congress to Make Employee Bill of Rights into Law

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Lynette Roggenbuck started this petition to Senator Bernie Sanders and

Corporations have exploited American workers for decades. Americans have been forced to endure terrible schedules, forgo bathroom and lunch breaks, and endure abuse by customers and terrible management. Essential workers were glorified during the pandemic only to then be vilified by corporations and media as lazy slackers when quarantine ended, all because we refused to return to the abusive conditions we worked under.

Even though the labor shortage has given us the ability to fight back against corporate exploitation, the shortage will end. Corporations will take advantage of the first opportunity to maximize their profits at their employees expense.

Strikes before the Great Depression gave Americans higher wages, health and welfare funds, and safer conditions. Unfortunately, unions and the protection they provide declined in the 1970’s and 1980’s. High unemployment in the 1980’s meant that workers were forced to accept lower wages or risk joining the ranks of the unemployed.

This pattern will repeat itself once again.

America will eventually heal from the worker shortage and one day, corporations will once again have the leverage to exploit workers.

We must take advantage of this time to cement our rights into law.

It is time to tell corporations and Congress, enough. American workers are tired of working for starvation wages while CEOs spend billions on a joyride to space. Americans are tired of Congress granting billion-dollar tax breaks to its corporate sponsors while calling $600 stimulus checks to the average American family "too much spending." Even now, Congress deprioritizes workers by cutting paid leave from their Build Back Better plan. Congress will not stop protecting corporate profits over human health and safety until we demand it.

It is time to remind Congress that WE are the people, not corporations, and WE will not be treated as mindless cogs in a machine any longer. 

We, the American Workers, declare the following as undeniable rights to all people and demand they be recognized as law from federal and state Congress, and from President Biden.

1. The Right to Support Yourself and Your Family on One Job

2. The Right to Flexible Scheduling and Work From Home when it does not affect the ability to complete your workload

3. The Right to Paid Sick Leave 

4. The Right to Social Security and Retirement

5. The Right to Work in Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically Safe Conditions

6. The Right to Work Free of Abusive and Exploitative Work Practices

7. The Right to a Healthy Work/Life Balance

8. The Right to Paid Parental and Family Leave (including time off for singles and childless couples)

9. The Right to Sit during Work Hours

10. The Right to Increased Compensation for Increased Workload or Duties

11. The Right to Work for Full Wage without Subtracting Tips

12. The Right to Re-Evaluation of Wages to Match Inflation

13. The Right to Accurate Job Postings

14. The Right to Paid Internships and Paid Training

15. The Right to Unionize without Intimidation, Interference, or Retaliation

These Rights are what the American people need to stop exploitation by corporations and to be treated as real people whose lives and quality of life matter. Remind Congress that it works for the American people, not the corporations. This must be added to our Constitution or American workers will continue to repeat this cycle of abuse.

Please sign to support the Employee Bill of Rights and end worker exploitation.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!