Rescue Americans Stranded in Peru due to Coronavirus

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(Borrowed from Americans stranded in Morocco's petition - thank you and sending best wishes on your situation)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country of Peru closed its borders for a 15-day "self-imposed" quarantine on 3/16 at 11:59PM with no grace period or warning to allow travelers to return home.

On hearing the news, trying to get a flight out on 3/16 was like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie - the airport had crowds of people massing outside, police in riot gear with shields and military rifles, with single one-way flights going up to $3,000. Now, the airport is closed. Even flights booked after the 15 days, on April 1, are being canceled. We hope we're allowed to go home even after 15 days.

There are those among us who need medical assistance. They have young children at home who can't go without their parents for 2 weeks. There are people with no accommodations, no water.

The quarantine here doesn't allow going outside from 8pm to 5am. No walking in groups. Police cars are patrolling constantly, and we see Instagram videos that they can arrest you in the streets. It is frightening to be stuck in a country where you don't speak the language, and you don't know if they offer the same citizen rights as the US.

Speaking of the US... Other countries immediately jumped into action to send plans to repatriate their people.

But the US has done nothing.

Contacting the US Embassy in Peru gets you auto email responses that say to hunker down or contact iPeru. Contacting iPeru says to contact US embassy. Everyone says the same thing: "The only thing that can get you out now is the US government."

So, please help us and sign this petition. Contact your US senators, representatives, press.

We are about 1,000 people all over Peru in Lima, Cusco, smaller towns. Hear our voices at our Facebook group:

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