Global COVID 19 Plan B Strategies Cure the Elderly & Vulnerable & re-booting economies

Global COVID 19 Plan B Strategies Cure the Elderly & Vulnerable & re-booting economies

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About us: 20 April 2020

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At present trying to get as many global citizens to realise that if they start Plan B COVID 19 strategies in their own town or city suburb they can then help far more of their community members recover from being infected with COVID 19.

For there are already COVID 19 cures for community members who are on chronic medication and if they can be helped to follow Plan B cure strategies they can then have better chances to recover quickly from COVID 19.

This simple cure was used to beat the " Spanish Flu, more than a 100 years ago.
This simple cure can also see global citizens not having to wait for " Vaccines", for the cure will allow globally economies and tourism to bounce back quickly.

"Global COVID 19 Plan B Strategies" for Towns and City Suburbs:

* Many of the elderly and vulnerable are on chronic medication, that cause shortness of breath and many side effects.
Their bodies can not handle the anti-viral drugs being used to cure others in 3 to 6 days.
- Plan B strategies, would be to give them access to the human antibody plasma donor route, that is seeing critically ill patients recover in 3 days.
- Plan B would be to fly these human antibodies anywhere in the world, for laboratories can already mass produced human antibodies.

- ***** This would eliminate the fear of so many of the elderly and vulnerable dying of COVID 19.

- ***** This Plan B strategy would allow communities to go back to work and restart their economies, for cure procedures would be in place to give them the best chance of healing as quick as possible.

Why? Because the quicker people can be healed, the less the damage will be on their lungs, as the virus destroys the lung tissues and capacity to function to sustain oxygen to their bodies.

The Plan is to afford each town and city suburb the opportunity to implement their own Plan B Strategies:

* Start go funds, fundraisers and local business to donate to their own town or city suburb's Plan B strategies.

* 100% of money goes into the town or city suburb from where it originated from.

* 80% goes to securing nasal oxygen for community members who struggle with COVID 19 and will need to self-medicate at home, due to hospitals being over flooded. Machinery can be purchase to bottle medical oxygen and portable oxygen devices.

NB NB the first wave of the virus saw citizens with medical aid being denied hospital treatments, due go triage assessments giving them too low a chance to survive COVID 19.
Treatment capacity was given to those who had better chances of recovering from COVID 19.
Many without medical aid were denied hospital treatments.
Global media coverage revealed that hospitals could not cope.

***** Global citizens need to realise that they will require Plan B strategies for people,from their community, to be able to self-medicate at home.

Antiviral drugs can be purchase for those who can handle these drugs medical.
The combined towns and city suburbs of the country will allow them bulk buying of anti-viral drugs.
Laboratories will be able to receive human antibodies from anywhere in the world.
This would mean that there would always be human antibodies that have beaten any strains or mutations of COVID 19.

* 15% goes to planting of produce and quick protein sources for the town or city.

NB NB Global Citizens would be more inclined to support their own town or city suburbs Plan B strategies.
The bonus is that a " Global gene pool of human anti-bodies would be built up fast, so this human trait of self- preservation will aid the " Global gene pool of anti-bodies" which can be flown anywhere in the world.

* 5% goes to eco projects of that town or city suburb that aid clean drinking water to community members and for production of fresh produce and quick protein sources.

* NB NB NB Anyone interested in trying to bring about Plan B Strategies being implemented in your town or city suburb, you can contact me via email or social media links, if you wish to want to be part of these Plan B strategies.

* I'm going to start go funds, fundraisers and encourage local businesses to help their community start Plan B strategies in their town or city suburb.

* The beauty is that using the go funds, the money will go straight to the town or city suburb of the country it came from. 
Once the Plan B strategies are started the money can then go straight into that town or city suburbs Plan B Strategeis account, for it would then have been implemented.

* As Global Citizens we can at least put our collective problem solving brain power together and come up with Best Plan B strategies to deal with the global problems that COVID 19 is causing right now.
* It is better to try than to simply wait for others to do so, I hope you choose to at least afford your town or city suburb the chance to help their community members, for you, your family and friends are part of your community.

* I am going to sea for 8 days and Yvonne Brogan and Siobhan Brogan Campbell will be able to correspond and ask for the funds to be sent to the town and city suburb of the country they originate from, by networking with people from these towns and city suburbs.

* The "go funds" will be a simple matter of naming town or city suburb and country for donations to start their Plan B Strategies.
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Yvonne :



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