Free Bogdana Mobley and help reunite her with beloved three kids! Свободу Богдане!

Free Bogdana Mobley and help reunite her with beloved three kids! Свободу Богдане!

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Bogdana O started this petition to President of the United States and

This petition is organized by supporters of Bogdana, an innocent mother of three young children (Ian, Sophia, and Isabella). Bogdana has been separated from her beloved kids since September 2017. 

Пожалуйста подпишите петицию в защиту Богданы Осиповой (Мобли). Богдана ,  невиновная мама троих малолетних детей, которых она сама растила и безмерно любит,  стала заложницей конфликта двух юридических систем, американской и российской, и лживых обвинений со стороны бывшего мужа. 

По этим ссылкам вы можете узнать всю информацию о деле Богданы. обращение СПЧ к Хатсману; статья в КП; радио КП Спасибо всем неравнодушным!

Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States (see

Bogdana is one of the many victims and survivors of domestic violence, and this is her story.

In April 2014, while being six months pregnant, Bogdana, mother of two children, left her abusive ex-husband, Brian Mobley. Bogdana wanted to run as far as possible from this abusive relationship. She sought safety for herself, her children, and the unborn child with family members abroad. She moved temporally to Russia, where most of her direct family still lives. Despite a documented history of domestic abuse by Mr. Mobley (two police reports), in November 2014, the Sedgwick County Family Court's Judge Flaigle gave the sole custody of Bogdana's two daughters to Mr. Mobley. Also, the judge gave Mr. Mobley rights to all marital property (house and vehicles). The judge failed to recognize Bogdana as a victim of domestic abuse. The judge also did not take into consideration the fact that their second daughter Isabella was born in Russia, and at the time of that hearing (November 2014) was only a Russian citizen. Not only was this an unjust ruling, but also, it was a ruling not made in the best interests of the children or their mother.

Mr. Mobley did everything possible to obstruct Bogdana's return to the USA. In March 2015 despite Bogdana's strong objection, Mr. Mobley sold the marital house in Wichita, KS and the two cars. In April 2015, Mr. Mobley married real estate agent Melissa, who sold Bogdana and Brian's marital house and was 4 months pregnant at the time. To date, Mr. Mobley divorced again and has two more daughters from his third marriage.

In August 2015, one and a half years after Bogdana left, Mr. Mobley listed his two daughters as "missing." He completely concealed from law enforcement the fact that he knew exact location of his children including theirs home address in Russia, was in contact with both children via Skype, and finally, intentionally lied that Isabella was taken from Wichita in April 2014. Isabella was not even born at that time. To avoid legal issues, Bogdana immediately contacted Interpol and the District Attorney in Kansas providing them all necessary information and evidence. Based on this information the District Attorney withdrew the warrant against Bogdana.

In September 2017 Bogdana voluntarily arrived at Wichita, KS to change  2014 family court decision for children's custody and to obtain proper  US document for her youngest child. She was tired of being falsely accused, threatened, slandered.  Two days after she filed petition for custody change, Bogdana was arrested by the FBI agents based on false accusations made by Mr. Mobley that resulted in charges of IPK 18 U.S.C. § 1204. The law provides an affirmative defense where the abducting parent acted according to a valid court order obtained under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act, or where the abducting parent was fleeing domestic violence. The judge dismissed all evidence presented by Bogdana regarding domestic abuse and the false allegations of kidnapping made by Mr. Mobley. Indeed, this is what, a part of Thomson Reuters, stated "The district court also erred in failing to consider Mobley's affirmative defense to international kidnapping as part of its analysis of the second § 3142(g) factor. At the hearing on the motion to revoke, Mobley clearly articulated her position that prior abuse by her ex-husband constituted an affirmative defense to the kidnapping charge. She referenced two police reports filed against him (one on August 3, 2013, for rape, and one on December 5, 2013, for domestic violence) and claimed those reports were substantiated by photographs of bruised wrists and evidence of threats. The district court did not evaluate whether the allegations of abuse might support a valid affirmative defense. To the contrary, it repeatedly discounted their relevance, referring to Mobley's flight as "self-help" and "vigilante justice" (admonishing that Mobley should have pursued abuse charges against her ex-husband in the American court system, "not flee the country" (please see for the reference

It is outrageous and shocking! One does not have to obtain a law degree to understand that Bogdana's rights were violated! Although domestic violence is often considered a criminal act, the juridical blame is too often projected onto the victim. This was the case with Bogdana. It reminds us of the time when most legal systems viewed wife beating as a valid exercise of a husband's right.

While Bogdana was in jail awaiting her trial, in December 2017, she was abused and poisoned with psychotropic drugs (Haldol) without a doctor's prescription or court order. As a result, Bogdana suffered severe neurological damage. She almost died and was transferred to a medical center in Fort Worth, TX, where she stayed for several months. Human rights council calls US to turn attention to Russian mother’s kidnapping case

The kidnapping charges, with the maximum sentence of three years, were not enough. In August 2018, one year after Bogdana entered prison, Mr. Mobley filed additional charges. He accused Bogdana of "extortion" based on Skype conversations; Bogdana asked Mr. Mobley to help with child support while she was abroad. We understand that this new charge was an attempt to keep Bogdana in prison and as pressure on her.

The court of the Russian Federation issued a travel ban for children as protection. The court stated that it was done in the children's best interest since the mother is in jail; children (Sophia and Isabella) cannot be separated with the older brother (Ian) who is very attached to his sisters.

On March 5th during the trial, the jury found Bogdana guilty of kidnapping charges and two extortion charges. Nine men out of 12 juries decided that Bogdana is guilty! 

Before sentencing, Bogdana's attorneys filed a motion of recusal for the Federal Judge, Eric Melgren. In their motion attorney accused him of being biased towards Bogdana. The Federal Judge contacted the mother of Bogdana and wrote, "As you know, her sentencing is set for May 20. Her attorneys have been told several times that the sentencing will go very differently then depending on whether the children are back in the U.S. or not. But I hope everyone realizes that once sentencing is pronounced on that date, there is no authority to change or modify that sentence later, even if positive developments occur thereafter".  The motion of recusal.  Federal Judge denied the motion. The Federal Judge was fully aware that the Russian Federation issued the travel ban for children. However, he still was demanding from Bogdana to return kids and place them with his estranged father and step-mother.

On May 20th Bogdana was sentenced to 7 years in jail for kidnapping and extortion. Russian mother sentenced to 7 years for 'kidnapping' own child from 'abusive' US husband

US Court Sentences Russian Citizen Osipova-Mobley to 7-Year Jail Term for Parental Kidnapping

Mr. Mobley, an ex-husband, a father of their children, was asking the court to give a maximum sentence for Bogdana! It is a very well known fact that often enough the abuse is continued even after divorce. Post-Separation Abuse of Women and their Children: Boundary-setting and Family Court Utilization among Victimized Mothers

Needless to say that the imprisonment of Bogdana has had devastating effects on her three young children. Based on studies kids suffer from fear, anxiety, and depression as a response to the sudden separation from the parent they live with. 

This is not just Bogdana's story. It is a story that happens every single day to women globally. It is about all domestic violence victims and survivals that get victimize further by an unjust juridical system. We need to stop this! Bogdana is not a criminal but a loving and caring mother, and she and her children deserve justice.

As for now, the legal system has trampled the rights of Bogdana and her children. Bogdana should be free from jail immediately such she could reunite with her children! Bogdana should be protected by U.S. law from her abusive ex-husband. It's time to come together to demand changes in our legal system for all domestic violence survivals! We firmly believe that the success of this petition will encourage all domestic violence survivals to come forward and fight for their rights!

Please, help us spread the word and sign the Petition to Free Bogdana, mother of three kids, a victim, and survivor of domestic violence. Bogdana's children need their mother back!

#FreeBogdana, #JusticeforBogdana

Thank you all!

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