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Stop the discriminatory ERB process conducted by the US Navy

The US Navy created an Enlisted Retention Board (ERB) in response to military downsizing. ERB reviewed service records of 15,386 sailors in "overmanned" rates with 7-14 years in and made decisions to involuntarily separate 2,947. The ERB process was discriminatory and the results need to be overturned. To be fair and avoid discrimination, the board should have reviewed every sailor, regardless of time served and rating in the Navy not just those included in the "overmanned" rates with 7-14 years served. The rates not being properly manned is not the fault of the sailors in the "overmanned" rates but is due to the Navy's mismanagement. The ERB board was also held to a strict quota they had to meet.  The board could come back with less sailors to be retained but not more.  This forced the board to select sailors that did not meet the precepts set before them and because of this, many good sailors are being sent home. These sailors need the respect that they deserve and their contracts upheld by the government.

Before the Navy implements any process to involuntarily separate sailors it should exhaust all other options. The Navy should have first asked for volunteers that want to separate with contract buy-outs and ensure that individual commands don't deny sailors the opportunity to separate early. The Navy should slow down the recruiting efforts and let the sailors in the "overmanned" rates convert to "undermanned" rates, which would balance the force.

If the Navy is unable to obtain their budgeted manning after exhausting all efforts then the sailors selected by a fair retention board should complete the remainder of their contract. Once the sailors current contract expires and if they qualify, they should be offered early (prorated) retirement so they can receive the benefits they have earned and deserve. If unable to reach the retirement deadline on their current contract and/or they prefer to separate early, the severance package needs to include compensation for the years remaining on the contracts, healthcare benefits for life and no stipulations on the severance payout regarding the necessity to repay before collecting retirement and disability.

The Navy needs to stand by it's core values. Honor. Courage. Commitment.

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