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Southern Cameroonians Demand Self-Determination

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For 55 years, the people of the former British Southern Cameroons have been marginalized by the majority French Cameroon government, currently headed by Mr. Paul Biya. As a result of this marginalization, lawyers and teachers from this region made demands through demonstrations and strike actions. The government reacted violently by sending in the army and military police who killed, raped, jailed, and tortured unarmed, peaceful demonstrators – including university students. These atrocious acts are still going on and if not timely stopped, this crisis may unfold into another Rwanda-like genocide wherein more than a million of the minority population was slaughtered. In order to prevent the world from seeing these inhumane acts and human rights violations, the government shut down the internet and all forms of social media communication systems in the British Southern Cameroons. This is yet another example of how Southern Cameroonians have been marginalized for 55 years. They should no longer remain slaves to a system controlled by France and French Cameroonians.

President Trump, as the leader of the free world, we are asking you to intervene and save these people from total annihilation and persecution.

1. Stop the killing, rape, torture, and arbitrary arrest of innocent Southern Cameroonians.

2. Free all arbitrarily arrested activists of the Southern Cameroons self-determination cause.

3. Restore internet and social media in the Southern Cameroons

4. Help the people of the Southern Cameroons achieve their right to self-determination so that schools and the judiciary system can resume normal functioning.

These calls to action are extremely important because we want peace and stability in Cameroon. Solutions to these problems would allow for a flourishing democracy, economic development, prosperity, good governance, and better quality of life. Such an environment will lead to fewer Cameroonians migrating to the United States to seek better opportunities.

Please free the former British Southern Cameroons now – before it is too late.

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