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                                           **PUBLIC AWARENESS**                                       

LEARN WHAT YOUR LOCAL- L.A COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT IS DOING-THAT THEY DON’T WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW.   L. A County Sheriff’s is trying to “KILL” (JACKSON)  (59-year old Black CHRISTIAN female)- PREVIOUS Employee and “WHISTLE BLOWER”  by COVERTLY  TORTURING her with Microwave Radiation Direct Energy Weapons/Heat Weapons (M.R.D.E.W)  (H.W) in and outside of her Anaheim, CA Apartment (Day & Night -24/7)  for one year and 10-months to-date; every place she goes. SHERIFF’S ARE “LITERALLY” DIRECTING Microwave Radiation/Heat Weapons at Jackson’s body (from head to toe)- to include: head, nose face, eyes, ears,  mouth/teeth  throat, heart, chest, breast, arms, elbows, back, stomach, groin area (pelvic area) thighs, knees, legs, feet, toes; EVERY PART OF THE BODY- (causing pain) & TRYING TO CAUSE CANCER.  (Jackson also believes this is happening to her family occasionally (based on Jackson’s knowledge.)   

RADIATION/HEAT WEAPONS causes cancer, blisters, tumors, brain damage, heart attacks & mimics natural illnesses.  THE HEAT COOKS YOUR FLESH INTERNALLY!! -MORE IMPORTANTLY “IT KILLS.”  These weapons fall under the umbrella of ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT and they are “SALABLE.”  This means they can be programmed and adjusted accordingly- to cause “A MYRIAD OF DIFFERENT EFFECTS” and levels of pain.  They are further “MILITARY WEAPONS” that should stay in the hands of the “MILITARY ONLY” and NOT USED TO TORTURE AMERICAN CITIZENS who speak out against wrong doing and  voice their opinion (which is what Jackson did.)   Please know that Jackson’s statements are based on her Criminal Justice Education, knowledge, experience and “RESEARCH.”  

Jackson is NOT paranoid, delusional or psychotic; NOR does she have a psychiatric history (NEVER HAVE.)   Sheriff’s would have you believe differently based on their deliberate Conspiracy To Commit Fraud against Jackson.  For your information, Sheriff’s have either paid or offered some type of perks promotions and etc. to individuals/agencies to write and or state fraudulent information on JACKSON to DEMONIZE her (names are being exposed.)  This is to DECEIVE PEOPLE into thinking JACKSON does not know what she is talking about.  FOR THOSE THAT DON’T KNOW; this is Sheriff’s & the States (M/O) Method of Operation when someone is EXPOSING THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.  Their objective is to keep the public from listening to Jackson.  This is one of the reasons there is NO PUBLIC TRUST.  Our sheriff’s are suppose to protect and serve, however, citizens’ need protection from Sheriff’s but it appears we have NONE.  Jackson sentiments are;  IF SHERIFF’S CAN LIE on her then she can STAND UP AND TELL THE TRUTH and proclaim that NO-ONE SHOULD HAVE TO ENDURE being TORTURED IN THEIR HOME  AND BE MADE TO KEEP SILENT!    Jackson Declares Under Penalty Of Perjury that EVERYTHING IN THIS PETITION IS TRUE AND ACCURATE.  THE QUESTION HERE IS -HOW MANY OTHER U.S. CITIZENS IS THIS HAPPENING TO?   RESEARCH PROVES MANY.   TORTURE SHOULD NOT BE HEARD OF IN THE UNITED STATES.   

JACKSON has been CONTINUALLY TORTURED  SINCE OCTOBER 2014.  This is  AN ATTEMPT TO “SILENCE JACKSON” AND STEMS FROM THE FOLLOWING:  SEPTEMBER 2014, Jackson filed a complaint with L.A. County Interim Sheriff's Scott/ Lt. Mauldin; requesting HELP- and an appointment to meet with Scott and to provide him with names of Sheriff’s employees that have CONSPIRED to PARTAKE IN THE CONSPIRACY against her. This is being done to SET JACKSON UP; DESTROY HER LIFE; DISABLE HER & KEEP HER UNEMPLOYED and INDIGENT and cause her to lose/affect her Section 8 Housing and  ULTIMATELY KILL HER; FOR SPEAKING OUT/EXPOSING SHERIFF’S FOLLOWING ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITY  taking place against her: 1.Conspiracy to Commit Fraud/Medical Fraud (by individuals/doctors) County Dr. Tim Gust; County Dr. Director Hayward; L.A. County Nurse Marla Griffith; Dr. John Deirmenjian (Long Beach)- L.A. County Sheriff’s Lt/Sgt. Castillo (falsified Long Term Disability Papers-pretending Jackson was incompetent (which she has never been) 14-years TO-DATE. 2.  Stalking/Harassment by SYSTEMATIZED- ILLEGAL DRAGNET AIR- SURVEILLANCE Sheriff’s are literally monitoring Jackson’s every move like a Criminal/Terrorist (she is neither)  with their helicopters/small planes-15-years TO-DATE (Patriot Act NOT APPLICABLE-ITS ABUSE OF POWER.)  Sheriff’s have also solicited other law enforcement agencies to utilizing their helicopters too (different color helicopters) in stalking/harassing Jackson; such as: Anaheim PD, L.A. Police Dept, Long Beach PD, Orange County Sheriff’s & Etc. Because Jackson continues to complain, Sheriff’s changes up the manner in how the stalking is done Lt. Olsen of L.A County Sheriff’s and Lt. Browne at Lakewood Sheriff’s are behind this.  3. False Arrest and Imprisonment-on a traffic stop- 062509, by Sgt. Seelhoist whereby Jackson's license was initially refused. Seelhoist later ok’d Jackson’s request to get her license  from her purse (on passenger seat.) However, pulled his gun and pointed it at Jackson (Jackson stopped reaching.)  She feared Seelhoist was going to kill her.  Seelhoist then ordered Jackson’s rear car window TO BE BROKEN OUT just because she did not roll her window down- ALL the way.  This was a traffic stop/speeding (no probable cause or reasonable suspicion.) Jackson was drug from her vehicle (thrown to the ground handcuffed) arrested and placed in Sheriffs car- for not rolling her window ALL the way down (NEVER given a ticket.)  Then Sheriff's/Sgt. Seelhoist TURNED OFF the video camera while Sheriff’s “ILLEGALLY” searched Jackson's car/trunk.  AFTER their ILLEGAL SEARCH Seelhoist turned the video camera back on and (two officer’s) were holding up a hand gun.  Jackson was later WRONGLY DENIED a Fair Trial and ALL her evidence was CONCEALED; she was further denied the right to take the stand for the jury trial and told by L.A County Public Defender Loren Altis that if she takes the stand -they WOULD NOT use her evidence.  Brady Violations and Prosecutorial Misconduct took place by D/A- Katherine Sumner Agnew.   Agnew aided in SETTING UP JACKSON by failing to investigate and concealed Sheriff’s criminal misconduct.  Agnew further threatened Jackson through the Public Defender that she was going to submit Sheriffs fraudulent reports on Jackson because Jackson was trying to expose their DRAGNET SURVEILLANCE. Jackson rights were denied due to Sheriff’s ABUSE OF POWER ALLOWED IN THE COURTS (going in the back door.) As a result, Jackson was Railroaded and a Miscarriage of Justice took place. SUBSEQUENT TO THE ABOVE: Jackson was later WRONGLY DENIED A FAIR APPEAL. The appellant judge even said to the D/A that he had already arrested Jackson BEFORE he searched her vehicle and found the handgun and questioned- why?   The D/A’s “excuse” was he they were trying to get Jackson away from the bags in the car (Jackson was moving) UN-EXCEPTABLE ANSWER.  The Appellant Judge should have thrown the case out based on the following: The courts FAILED TO APPLY CASE LAW; “Fruit of the Poison Tree Doctrine” WHICH STATES: Illegally Obtained Evidence is Inadmissible.  Had the Judges did this- there would be no case; THIS WAS NOT DONE.    The fact the video camera was turned off for the ILLEGAL SEARCH then turned back on with two officers holding a handgun and NO ONE questioned this speaks volumes. Later the video was allegedly destroyed on purpose. However, it did not matter- many people saw the video (it was horrific-several jurors cried.)    

 While Jackson was in jail, Sheriffs Internal Affairs Bureau (I.A.B), DIRECTOR, KAREN MANNIS attempted to serve a packet on Jackson.  Jackson refused packet and requested it be mailed to her P.O. Box, (which she NEVER received.) However, Jackson accepted an individual letter ONLY regarding an appointment to meet with Lt. Lim to discuss her false arrest. )  Mannis intentionally set the appointment for a date she knew Jackson WOULD STILL be in jail (to keep Jackson from attending the meeting.)  Mannis further INTENTIONALLY failed to have Sheriffs take Jackson to the appointment-thus aiding Sheriffs in their cover-up.  Therefore, Mannis further DECEIVED PEOPLE into thinking Jackson just did not show up (FRAUD.)   Shortly thereafter, Mannis held a Skelly hearing behind Jackson back and failed to notify Jackson –and again-pretended Jackson did not show up and wrongly terminated her employment with Sheriff’s in 2010-by use of fraud.  Mannis (I.A.B) denied Jackson protection under the COUNTY WHISTLE BLOWER POLICY and further  denied Jackson of all her employee benefits, medical, dental, retirement and all other county benefits and perks TO-DATE.  Sheriff’s further made Jackson homeless on several occasions.  Jackson later sent a letter requesting the documents/packet from (I.A.B) Mannis used to terminate her employment. However, (I.A.B) refused Jackson’s request.  

SEPTEMBER 2014: Jackson filed a complaint with POGO=Government oversight Agency in an attempt to obtain HELP regarding the fraud & illegal Dragnet Air-Surveillance & false arrest/imprisonment.  ONE MONTH LATER-OCTOBER 2014; AFTER THESE TWO COMPLAINTS-THE MICROWAVE RADIATION/HEAT WEAPONS TORTURE STARTED;     TWO MONTHS LATER-NOVEMBER 2014; Sheriff’s started directing radiation at Jackson OUTSIDE HER HOME  (everyplace she frequented) FROM HELICOPTER’S, SMALL PLANES , Cell Tower (over Jackson's fence) PROGRAMMED DRONES (Jackson saw with her own eyes and felt the radiation.) IN ADDITION.   Sheriff’s also started making radiation come out of Jackson cell phone (METRO-P.C.S) STRONG FORCE -making Jackson so sick she had to turn her phone off.  IN ADDITION; this includes TORTURING Jackson with RADIATION from “SATELLITES” (GOVERNED AND OPERATED BY THE STATE.) The state has been aiding Sheriff’s based on their FRAUD AGAINST JACKSON.  To-date, Sheriff’s are utilizing the above (helicopters, small planes, programmed drones/satellites to CONSTANTLY  hover over and on the perimeter of Jackson’s Anaheim Apartment (EVERY DAY & NIGHT) directing Radiation/Heat Weapons-mostly at night- at their whim.)     Jackson has repeatedly called Anaheim P.D and Lakewood Sheriff’s requesting this to stop; TO NO AVAIL.

The STATE is also flying over the clouds (“LIKE” a Sub-Rosa Investigation) directing radiation.  Sheriff’s stop torturing Jackson BRIEFLY due to Jackson continually complaining/seeking relief.  However,  they only PRETEND to investigate (it is really a sham & actually harassment.)  Sheriff’s then pick back up again with the radiation/heat weapons.   THE STATE HAS NO LEGITIMATE REASON TO BE monitoring JACKSON's EVERY MOVE.   They are PARTAKING in TORTURING JACKSON-(conspiring with Sheriff’s) based on the fraudulent information PROVIDED TO THEM by Sheriffs.   For 15-years Sheriff’s (with assistance of the state) has done “EVERYTHING TO TRY” to provoke Jackson to her detriment-WITH MALICIOUS INTENT.  This is also due to legitimate/timely complaints Jackson filed with the FOLLOWING STATE AGENCIES;  who failed to do their jobs over the years: Labor Commissioner- Julie Sue; Deputy Ratiken- (filed state Whistleblower complaint); State Fair Employment-Lottie Woodruff. To Include: EEOC-Olopolis Perry.    Jackson further initially turned Sheriffs’ into State Department of Insurance (Marty Gonzales) for “Workers Compensation Fraud” and requested they be “investigated.”) Gonzales (PRETENDED) and stated “VERBATIM” the state DID NOT have the funds to investigate Sheriff’s.   However, the STATE had ENOUGH MONEY TO STALK JACKSON FOR 15-YEARS TO-DATE?   How is there NOT ENOUGH MONEY to investigate Sheriff’s BUT ENOUGH TO STALK JACKSON??  I BELIEVE THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES.  Nevertheless, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to stalk/monitor a persons’ every move like a criminal for 15-years for NO legitimate purpose. One can extrapolate, “THESE STATE AGENCIES ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR NAMES BEING REVEALED” and are trying to DESTROY Jackson’s life -KILL HER “FIRST” BEFORE THIS REACHES THE PUBLIC. 

ACCORDING TO RESEARCH; there is ALSO a possibility that Sheriff’s may be using someone in Jackson’s apartment building OR next door and or may have placed some type of sensor in her attic-etc. RESEARCH CONFIRMS; these weapons can be mounted and placed almost anywhere and DIRECTED REMOTELY; Satellite Engineers FURTHER support this as well.  It is further obvious THAT SOMEONE WITHIN SHERIFF’S ORDERED JACKSON TO BE TORTURED (for exposing the above) WHO?  THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS;   MICROWAVE RADIATION/HEAT WEAPON TORTURE is a CRIME & INHUMANE TREATMENT.  RESEARCH FURTHER PROVES; THIS IS HAPPENING TO MANY PEOPLE RIGHT HERE IN CALIFORNIA THE UNITED STATES and WORLDWIDE.  The “POWERS TO BE” are aware this is happening and are IGNORING THE MYRIAD OF COMPLAINTS THEY ARE RECEIVING.

Many people have NO KNOWLEDGE of these weapons UNLIKE JACKSON.   These weapons are called “SILENT WEAPONS” because you CAN NOT SEE THEM BUT YOU CAN FEEL IT.  Therefore, many people are NOT ABLE to tell when these weapons are being used on them and have NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM.  If you don’t have knowledge of these weapons you can be made to think you are going crazy (this is the users -M/O.)  AS A RESULT, the DENIABILITY IS GREAT!    RESEARCH FURTHER PROVES these weapons are made by AEROSPACE COMPANIES such as (Raytheon and Etc.) and are being “USED ILLEGALLY” on citizens for EXPERIMENTATION PURPOSE (without consent) FOR DEPOPULATION and SUBJUGATION/CONTROLLING CITIZENS with pain & (mind control.)  

Victims of these weapons are KNOWN AS “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS” (TI’S)-Jackson is a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.  This is used a lot on “WHISTLE BLOWER'S”   (people who speak out about wrong doing) and giant corporations want to get rid of them,  SILENCE or EXPERIMENT on them.       In addition, they are also using these weapons on citizens “ALREADY EXISTING PERSONAL INJURIES” & WORK COMP Injuries- to make the injury worse.  Lastly, JACKSON has written complaints TO EVERY BRANCH OF THE COUNTY -“BEGGING FOR HELP”-EXPOSING that Sheriff’s has been stalking and harassing her 24/7 by ILLEGAL DRAGNET AIR-SURVEILLANCE-TO THE FOLLOWING:  County Board of Supervisor’s, Office of Independent Review, Micheal Genneco/Stephen Connelly (who sat on my complaint/concealed for over a year) and Internal Affairs Director-Karen Mannis (who concealed the ENTIRE matter.)  As well, Jackson filed complaints regarding the radiation/illegal surveillance with the FBI-Leah Marx, U.S. Attorney-Eileen Decker & Andre Birrotte; State Attorney General Kamala Harris & Asst.; L.A. Mayor Vialagrosa & Anaheim Mayor Tait/Counsel Members; Congresswoman-Loretta Sanchez AND HAS BEEN IGNORED even though they were told it involved fraud/Conspiracy/Torture by Sheriff’s.  As well, the week July 17, 2016, Jackson filed a complaint with U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL-Loretta Lynch and Director of FBI, James Comely. Jackson is still being TORTURED; AS WELL AS OTHERS.  HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE ENTIRE BRANCH OF THE COUNTY AND OTHER AGENCIES (being negligent) IGNORING JACKSON’S COMPLAINT’S FOR OVER 10-YEARS; SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN TORTURED BY ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT/RADIATION!!   

The above are ALL Human Rights Violations (Google- Human Rights.)  THIS IS INHUMANE TREATMENT; UNCONSTITUTIONAL and a VIOLATION OF OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS. WAKE UP PUBLIC! Microwave Radiation Direct Energy Weapons/Heat Weapons TORTURE IS NOT ONLY HAPPENING TO JACKSON, but many others.   I reiterate, this is being done in a CLANDESTINE MANNER and KEPT FROM THE PUBLIC. Supporting Evidence: See (  &    TORTURE, DEPOPULATION, EXPERIMENTATION IS A – “PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUE” many citizens lives are being affected.   PLEASE PRAY & SUPPORT THIS PETITION to stop Jackson’s TORTURE and to prevent anyone else from becoming a victim.   TORTURE SHOULD NOT BE HEARD OF IN THE U.S. NOR UNWARRANTED DRAGNET AIR-SURVEILLANCE. **Lastly, Jackson is healthy; if anything happens to Jackson or her family-Sheriff’s are responsible.  

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION: To President Trump,  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; DEMANDING THE FOLLOWING: (1) BAN- Microwave Radiation Direct Energy Weapons TORTURE on Jackson (immediately) AND IN THE U.S. and restore Jackson’s life/career.  (2) PROBE of SHERIFF/STATE & Involved Personnel/ Accountability and Prosecution TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW.  Attn: President Trump, The White House-1600 Pennsylvania Ave- NW Washington, DC  20500.   Attn: Nancy Pelosi-Congresswoman U.S. House of Representatives  233 Cannon H.O.B.    Washington, DC  20515 

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This petition had 110 supporters