Mr. President the land of the free invented the smoking that they are talking about

Mr. President the land of the free invented the smoking that they are talking about

1 April 2021
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President of the United Sates Joe Biden (President of the United States of America) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Costas Kitis

The legislative banning of indoor smoking, a popular activity that should remain free has recently become an international standard for every country restricting recreation defined as free and improvised from places of entertainment and social life where it particularly adjusts to and is counterpart and associated with.

However democratically as it may appear that this decision was made into the social collective benefit it meanwhile remains an individual unaffected right to feel free to smoke by considering one's own space in time which is censored and criticised by legislation as non-existent as those specifically concerned who are directly affected were not part of the decision as they would to comprehensively post preventative signs in the general environment under legislative support.

However, democratic decisions do not rely on the sacrifice of inalienable rights taken away from citizens. Equal rights for all must prevail contrary to all laws by which they must be guaranteed and protected instead of legislatively defined within themselves and smoking constituted into a right under no justification is defined as a punishable event under a democratic rule and constitution.

It remains an unfortunate event whereby integral persecution and simultaneous policing in society are maintained and upheld by the use of smoking bans over what no one deserves to be held accountable via imposition of direct expectations and an immediate standard of all citizens confronting the law and hold no essence of priority as opposed to significant and substantial but existing concerns.

Obviously smoking is expected to be abandoned where there is an immediate reason or other direct need involved or concerned as and not wherever possible under the law and the right to smoke can be reasonably restricted by certain rules and be respected by all other laws.

Mr. President, the Land of the Free invented the smoking that they are talking about...

  1. We the People shall not segregate into industry owners or retailers as to smokers and non-smokers to differentiate our social roles.
  2. The Land of the Free cannot and will not sustain the loss of liberty that is presently enacted into counter-smoking laws that ban the eventfulness of the rest.
  3. The Police weapon will not be exchanged in the place of monetary and social exchange to impose manmade laws on reality and on the laws of reason.

With the above arguments considered we recommend to amend the smoking restrictions applied and respect the right to free motion and the Constitution and our inalienable rights to choice of the course of action and its selection.

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Signatures: 95Next Goal: 100
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  • President of the United Sates Joe BidenPresident of the United States of America