Independent Audit of Eskom

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It is high time that the people of South Africa, and small businesses who are fighting to survive in a battered economy, learn the truth about what is going on with our power utility. 

We the people demand a 3rd party and TOTALLY INDEPENDENT audit of Eskom and the real cause behind the newly implemented STAGE 4 and 6 load shedding schedules that are rocking our country and crippling any hopes of stimulating growth and stifling unemployment.

There appears to be an incredible arrogance and lack of accountability from those who have been elected to lead our people and the time has come for those elected to SERVE the people, to level with us so that we at least know what the future like. We are resilient and we will find a way even if it means that we lead ourselves to victory, but we cannot be "kept in the dark" any longer about the true happening of what was once a national treasure.

We may not have Eskom, but make no mistake that we the people of this great nation, hold all the power despite what we have been led to believe

We call on all of our members and South Africa at large to support this petition so that we can march to the union building and hand over our memorandum demanding a full and independent energy audit report. No more hiding, no more jet setting. Its time to be held to account