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Stop Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Eating Festival!

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I need the voices and paws of the world to be raised to help ban the YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL which is going to occur on every 21st of June. Countless canine lives will be sacrificed to make Chinese people's tradition happen.

This Yulin's "inhumane tradition" has been around for many years but now, people all over the world want to put an end to this.

Some call it savoring the "delights" of dog meat hotpot with lychees and strong alcoholic drinks. This practice increases the abduction rate of stray dogs and cats as well as loose pets.

This also increases the numbers of dog meat farms which observed as inhuman prisons of the canines due to never-ending torturous acts and the fact that they are raised in these places for such purposes.

This coming Yulin Festival, thousands of cats and dogs will be slaughtered, beaten to death, skinned and boiled alive, and eaten.

About 10,000 strays and pets are going to be served for consumption in the said tradition of Yulin.

 Dog meat eating is a custom belonging of Yulin people just like people of ethnic group Islamic Hui who don't eat pork.

 I highly disagree how they treated and killed those animals (dogs and cats). It's very inhumane and their reasons are so lame. Domesticated animals are so different from farm animals and we humans are also considered animals but at the top of class. So if they're saying that there's no difference between killing and eating dogs and cats from killing and eating farm animals, then we humans can also be raised for food? That is why there is a word called "classification" for us to differentiate things. Well this is my opinion and I hope this can help to stop the people of Yulin from doing inhumane things.

This petition is supported by World Protection of Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade UK Registered Charity - 1154524

Time is running so take an action. Support this petition to save our best friends. 

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