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This summer London will play host to an estimated 5 million visitors as the eyes of millions around the globe will be trained on the world’s top athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games. The Olympics are an opportunity for the citizens of the world to unite in celebration of the best of the human spirit: dedication and discipline, mutual understanding, fair play and solidarity.

But they also expose a darker side of human nature: for international sporting events and the large audiences they draw are also potential venues for the exploitation of the world’s most vulnerable citizens via the deplorable practice of human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Letter to
President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Mr. Jacques Rogge
We appreciate your leadership in making sure that Olympic events embrace the importance of environmental protection, development and sustainability as an expression of Olympic ideals. We need your leadership on another critical global issue:

The trafficking of human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation and labor is on the rise globally and has been reported to increase at large sporting events, including the Olympics. We urge you to take the necessary steps to address and eliminate human trafficking and modern slavery by adopting strong requirements for sponsors, suppliers and construction companies. We recommend creating clear guidelines for business partners covering the complete project life cycle of the Olympics, including:

• Adopt a policy prohibiting trafficking and slavery
• Conduct assessments of actual and potential human trafficking risks
• Integrate assessments into oversight and monitoring programs
• Train key staff on how to identify and eradicate various forms of trafficking
• Publicly report progress using the Global Reporting Initiative’s Event Organizing Sector Supplement

We urge the IOC to do all in its power to join the global movement to eliminate trafficking and slavery. Thank you.