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Arrest Hungarian camerawoman, Petra Laszlo, for assaulting refugees

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On September 8th, 2015, a Hungarian camerawoman working for the Hungarian Youtube news channel N1TV, who has since been identified as Petra Laszlo, kicked and tripped Syrian refugees as they ran by her at a makeshift gathering point that Hungarian police take refugees as soon as they enter Hungary, near the city of Roszke.

In the first incident, you can see a Syrian man as a Hungarian police officer pushes him away from him and he continues to run, and as he runs by Laszlo, she very clearly extends her leg to trip the man, causing him to fall directly on top of his young son.

In the second incident, a young girl is running hand-in-hand alongside her family, and Laszlo reaches her leg out yet again, this time to kick the young girl in the stomach. Of course, in both of these incidents, these poor refugees have no one to protect them nor any way to file charges, being that they have no home and are simply trying to find a safe place to live. It is horrific that Hungarian police were present during both of these assaults and not only did nothing to stop Laszlo, but furthermore, did not detain her for blatantly assaulting adults as well as children.

According to one of the news reports on this issue, Laszlo can receive up to 5 years in jail for her assaults on these people. We have direct video evidence of what happened. Let's force the Hungarian government to take notice! Please sign this petition and perhaps we can show these refugee families that, in spite of the horrible things that have been subjected to back home as well as in the process of fleeing, the world is behind them as human beings and we will not stand to watch them be treated without respect or dignity.

Since that day, Petra Laszlo has come forward, "sincerely" apologizing for her actions, but insisting that she was panicked enough due to the chaos that she did not understand what she was doing. We know this to be false because we are not stupid, but also because the videos clearly show that where she kicked the man and he fell, she was not in a crowded area at all. This is all just done out of fear because there has been talk of prosecuting her for her actions. Let's make those fears a reality! Petra Laszlo deserves to answer for what she has done in front a court of law.

What I ask with this petition is that the international community come together to bring this woman to justice. Petra Laszlo may think that because these refugees have no home, they deserve no dignity. I am here to tell you, Petra, that you are wrong. Not only do they deserve respect and dignity, but they deserve legal protection from people such as yourself who use their position to inflict harm on them. You, Petra Laszlo, are just as bad as the terrorists that these refugees are fleeing back home in Syria.

If you have watched any of these videos and want to do something, anything, to help these people, then PLEASE, signing this is the least you can do to try and guarantee that these people are treated as fellow human beings with basic human rights.

Thank you so much for joining in this cause with me!

UPDATE: Osama Abdul Mohsen, the father who was tripped with his 7 year-old, has been offered a coaching job in Spain and is traveling there with his two sons. They will have a happy ending, but we need to show them that they deserve justice for what happened to them. Looking forward to that!

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