STOP the Torture, Killing & Abuse of Spanish Hunting Dogs !!!

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Emmanuel Ray started this petition to President of the European Parliament - David Sassoli and

Dear animal-lovers, in Spain, a country notorious for its animal cruelty, annually, over 50,000 Spanish Greyhound (Galgo) and Ibizan Hound (Podenco) Dogs are tortured, killed, dumped in to deep ditches, burnt with acid, hung alive from trees etc., all in the name of “tradition” a way of “erasing the shame” dogs that have brought on their owners, by not hunting properly. Many are cruelly killed to escape humane euthanasia costs.

The Galguerros, hunters that use these dogs to hunt wild game, mainly hare, keep them in awful conditions, often in damp small spaces, with no natural light. They are fed just water and small pieces of bread, in order to keep them in a constant state of hunger so they chase prey and hunt better. The dogs are devoid of any affection or humaneness. Some are even tied outside in such a way that they’re unable to sit down. Makes absolutely no sense! The training they receive is horrific. They’re tied to the backs of cars and motor bikes and dragged along at speed.

The treatment of Spanish hunting dogs, the Galgo and the Podenco, is well documented as being barbaric. These dogs are inhumanely treated throughout their lives with no happy ending awaiting. The government in Spain must act to regulate ownership and treatment of hunting dogs. Apart from abuse, torture and killing, many are also abandoned. Very few end up in rescue centres. Many die of starvation, due to cold weather in winter and so on.

Legislation against cruelty towards these dogs would be a step further in the right direction.

We want the European Union and the European Parliament to put pressure on the Spanish authorities to act fast and make the following happen:

* Pet Insurance and visits to the Vet

* Advice and support for the hunters (Galguerros) on how to care for Sighthound Dogs (dogs that hunt by sight) properly.

* Proper training for the dogs, preferably advised by experts, instead of cruel training, to make them hunt prey.

* At least reasonably comfortable and clean-living conditions, plus proper food.

* Ban the torture and killing of the dogs.

* Regular inspections of Dogs and their owners.

* Regulate the hunting industry and pass the necessary legislation/law.  

Please Note: we will be setting up our own charitable organisation in order to get maximum support for this cause.

We will also be writing to the King of Spain.

Various other people of influence who can support this cause will also be contacted.

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Those who can help in any other ways, and would like to get in touch, please do so by visiting the CONTACT page on my website (link below).

In anticipation, I thank all of you animal-lovers, dog-lovers and those who just hate seeing animals abuse, for the support you will show us.

Thanks & regards,

Emmanuel Ray

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!