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# President of the EU & UN # UK,US & France Foreign Ministers: Tamils need justice

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Respected Sir/Madam,

The Sri Lankan nation belongs only to Tamils. A sect of Aryans who lived in India in places like Bihar and Orissa sought refuge in Sri Lanka around 1000 B.C. and settled as Refugees.

The Tamil Monarch who reigned Sri Lanka out of pity allowed the refugees to live in a small allotted place. Buddhist monks cohabited with them. Gradually, they increased their population in numbers.

During the 12th and 14th century, the Tsunami waves engulfed Sri Lanka and parts of South India, killing large number of Tamils leading to reduction in the number of Tamil population.

Those who came as refugees innovated a language which they called Sinhalese and started spreading the Buddhist religion. They wed locked Tamil girls, since the Tamils were the ruling hierarchy and had the power and continued to rule.

The Portuguese, the French, the Dutch and the British invaded and conquered different parts of Sri Lanka during 16th century. Finally the British brought the whole Sri Lanka under their control and they started to rule. The Tamils were appointed in vital administrative posts. Buddhist monks struggled to spread Buddhism in Sri Lanka where Hinduism flourished.

When the British decided to leave once for all Sri Lanka, they must have consulted and discussed with the Tamils – the Sri Lankan natives and Sinhalese, to bifurcate Sri Lanka into two separate countries and there would have been no issues.

Instead the British did a historical blunder by handing over the authority of ruling Sri Lanka to the Sinhalese based on population. The empowered Sinhalese started ignoring the importance of the Tamils who are the sons of the soil and tried to suppress and oppress them. The Buddhist monks found the right opportunity, they added fuel to fire and triggered the Sinhalese.

Starting from the date of Independence to 1980 A.D. the Tamils strongly believed in nonviolence, expressed their feelings and struggled for equal rights only through Ahimsa. But the Sinhalese created ethnic conflicts and mass murdered thousands of Tamils. The Sinhalese burnt and destroyed the Yazhpaanam Library which housed the vital, rare Tamil archives.

After the above instance, 'LTTE' headed by Prabhakaran using militant force, retrieved the lost rights. Then Tamils' dream - 'Tamil Eelam' was born. When 'Tamil Eelam' was likely to get United Nations recognition; certain Foreign Spy Agencies whose nature is to spread rumours and nurture them to a final form, some media with vested interests and “Mackenzie Institute” from Canada based on the mislead news and misunderstanding released reports which paved way to the unwanted announcement of International ban.

China awaiting for the right moment to have firm foundation in Sri Lanka, the Indian Congress Leader Sonia together supplied latest weapons along with modern technology. Favourably equipped Mahinda Rajapaksa with the help of a LTTE Tamil traitor - Karuna, launched merciless air attacks upon the Tamils.

Rajapaksa sprayed incessantly banned Chemical bombs through fighter planes ghastly killing Tamils which fetched him a gory victory(?).

According to conscious, humane mankind, this bloodstained victory(?) of the heartless Rajapaksa was attained by eliminating more than 5 lakhs of Tamils (including planned male infanticide - specifically male children were targeted to eliminate Tamils from the island), more than 50 thousands of Tamil girls rape and kill spree, manhandling and handicapping 2 lakh Tamils, isolating and orphaning around 5 lakhs of Tamils; imprisoning and torturing them in open prison killing thousands in the melee, leaving 10 lakhs Tamils deprived from their citizenship and human basic rights making them wander as refugees and orphans.

Those who tricked and planned the killing of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the countries and the diplomats who supplied arms and ammunitions and still protect the Sri Lankan heads should be transparently brought into trial by the International Court and punished severely without any mercy for their atrocities.

Criminals list as follows:

1. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Former President, Sri Lanka.

2. Kotabhaya Rajapaksa, Former Defence Secretary, Sri Lanka.

3. Basil Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka.

4. Sarath Fonseka, Former Chief of Sri Lankan Army.

5. Chamal Rajapaksa, Former Speaker of the Parliament, Sri Lanka.

6. Namal Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka.

7. Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, Former Prime Minister, Sri Lanka.

8. Rohitha Bogollagama, Former Minister for External Affairs, Sri Lanka.

9. Major General Sharvendra Silva, Former Chief of 58th Division, Sri Lankan Army, Sri Lanka.

10. Major General Jagath Dias, 57th Division, Sri Lankan Army, Sri Lanka.

11. Buddhist Monks Organisation in Sri Lanka.

12. Karuna alias Muralidharan, Former Minister, Sri Lanka.

13. Douglas Devanandha, Former Minister, Sri Lanka.

14. Lalith Veeratunka, Former Minister, Secretary to the President of SriLanka.

15. Raghu Weeravansa, Former Minister, Sri Lanka.

16. Udhaya Nanayakkara, Former Minister, Sri Lanka.

17. Chief Officers, [External Affairs, Defence] Sri Lankan Government.

18. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson – UPA, Leader of Congress-I, India.

19. Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary, Congress-I, India.

20. Priyanka Vadhera, D/O Sonia Gandhi, India.

21. Chief Officers, [External Affairs, Defence] Chinese Government.

22. M.K.Narayan, Former National Security Adviser,

       Governor of West Bengal, India.

23. Shiv Shankar Menon, Former Secretary for External Affairs,
       Former National Security Adviser, India.

24. T.K.A. Nair, Former Secretary to Former Prime Minister of India.

25. Sathish Nambiyar, National Security Adviser, Sri Lanka.

26. Vijay Nambiyar, Secretary to Secretary-General, U.N.

27. Alok Prasad, Former Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka.

28. A.K.Antony, Former Union Minister for Defence, India.

29. Pranab Mukherjee, Former Union Minister for External Affairs,

        Former Union Minister for Finance, The President , India.

30. Shashi Tharoor, Former Minister of State for External Affairs, India.

31. K.M.Chandrasekar, Former Cabinet Secretary, India.

32. Vijay Singh, Former Secretary, Defence, India.

33. Chief Officers, [External Affairs, Defence] Pakistan Government.

34. P. Chidhambaram, Former Union Minister for Home Affairs,

      Former Union Minister for Finance, India.

35. G.K. Pillai, Former Secretary, Home Affairs, India.

36. Subramanian Swamy, Former President of Janata Party, India.

The incident that happened in Sri Lanka was genocide. England's Television Channel-4's videos,Sri Lanka's Killing Fields 2 - Unpunished War Crimes - Channel 4 - Full Video
Sri Lanka's Killing Fields on 4 on Demand. Watch Sri Lanka's Killing Fields online when you want on ... Read more ».., article dated 18/5/2009 by Richard Dixon and the photographs which I have attached are solid and concrete evidence.+

Immediate action should be taken before the ethnic Tamils are wiped out from the island. The only final and permanent solution is 'Tamil Eelam' separate country for the Sri Lankan 'sons of the soil' Tamils. Creating a separate land for the Sri Lankan Tamils alone will assure the safety, security and freedom for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

UN, EU and other countries including Britain have the historic duty to create a separate country named “Tamil Eelam” for the world's first human race Tamil, which will be a milestone in the history of the mankind.

England, U.S.A., France and their allies must take drastic steps to punish criminals involved in the genocide in Sri Lanka and it must be an example to stop and prevent any-more racial murders in any part of the world.

Ten crores of Tamils living worldwide are expecting your fruitful and justifying actions.

Please take steps to preserve the world's first race Tamil. Your actions will be recorded and hailed in the History of mankind.

If the criminals escape from punishment and bringing them to the Court of Justice is not possible; creating a separate country for Sri Lankan Tamils is not a reality, then disperse the UN assembly and UN safety council. Let this world become a world without human rights. Let the world's first race perish.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

V. Palani,
Tamil Nadu State,

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