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Mayan prince was a gift from Myanmar to Srilankan government and he was then given to the Bellanwila temple. 

Wumalarathana thero was the chief monk at the temple then and as the Myan Prince grew up to to be a young tusker,  he became little unpredictable may be due to hormonal changes in his body. When elephants get in musth their behaviour changes completely and become very unpredictable and violent.  

Just like humans elephant have different personalities.  Some can be very stubborn by nature some are not so. Specially a massive animal like this to tie down to trees and live in shackles his entire life is very wrong as an average elephant usually walks around 30 kilometres a day. Elephants are very intelligent animals with very strong memory power and they have similar emotions just like humans. In short, it's very inhuman to keep a very active massive living being in captivity for his entire life, knowing and studied all their behavioural patters by us humans.

The chief monk of the temple was one day had a very unfortunate fatal interaction with Myan Prince as he tried to feed him some food. The monk was knocked over by Mayan prince,  and later in the hospital he passed away.  

Then came the monks 's own brother Dhammarathana thero who is now the chief at the temple.  

And lately its been observed by people and animal activist groups that Myan Prince is being harassed and illtreated in a very unacceptable and very cruel manner.  There are video footages of  some instances where he is tied down to trees streching his body from all sides, and he is crying out for help. 

Currently there is no properly active animal bill in Srilanka due to  objections from meat industry and Perahera or the religious possession organisers in the country and massive delay on the admin side of different government departments . The animal bill challenged and is pending at the courts for years and years, and the Government is not bothered about it as the culprits are very powerful , wealthy and very influential.  

We poor animal sympathisers are internally crying over these incidents and basically our cries for help falls on deaf ears. 

Please,  please  we urge all the animal lovers to sign this petition and share as much as possible for the Srilankan government to take Myan Prince back uder government custody and give him more space and freedom as this animal is now traumatised and stressed and to avoid another tragedy.  When elephants had a bad experience they remember it for decades and Myan Prince is not easy to train , plz just send him to a government  orphanage and let him have a peaceful life than torturing poor animal. 

KIND APPEAL TO THE GOVERNMENT OF SRI LANKA AND ITS PRESIDENT::: please enact the animal welfare bill. You are known to get things done quickly and effectively. 

Thanks,  Nilmini Welivita on behalf of all the animal lovers in Srilanka