Change the law to consider Hakka Patas as a firearm in Sri Lanka

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Hakka patas (homemade improvised explosive device to activate when eaten) is becoming a grave problem in Sri Lanka. Many animals go to horrific death due to these devices every day, and culprits are rarely captured.

Please see this attached video (sensitive people avoid watching) it shows the agonizing state of a dog after biting this trap.

This device has killed so many wild animals from elephants to small animals like dogs. Not only animals but also many humans have got injured due to hakka patas.

Sri Lanka government needs take immediate action to gazette this device as a fire arm and anyone producing or keep in possession should go to jail. And there should be strict laws to punish people who injure or kill wild animals. Sri Lanka is a small country with 23 million population, there should be strict laws to protect wild life, including usage of intelligence service to tract people who produce this kind of deadly devices.

The innocent dog on the video had an agonizing death 2 hours later according the owner of the video.