Arrest Chathura and Derana media owners as they spread hatred on Muslims in Srilanka

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Your excellency, 

Mr. Chathura de Alvis and his employer Derana media are widely spreading racial hatred about Muslims in Sri Lanka.

They have been doing this damage for the Muslim community of Sri Lanka at various occasions in the recent past.

Due to this, the relationship between the majority Sinhalese community and Muslims in Sri Lanka has got severely damaged.

We respect the laws of Sri Lanka and your government's efforts to control spreading racial hatred in Sri Lanka. You have arrested many individuals who had said to be spreading hatred via social media, in the country.

Similarly we urge  you to arrest Chathura de Alvis and his employer for widely spreading racial hatred in the country, and punish them according to the laws of the country. 

We hope that, if  you do this, it will give a good message to all others who also have been doing the similar crime in the country.

And it will eventually help your government to control hate crimes in Sri Lanka.

Thereby people of Sri Lanka can live harmoniously in the future.

Thank you