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09 Days Left : End The Eating Of Pets

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Dogs are man's best friend for a reason, they have been with us since the beginning. And they are with us still, through the good times and the bad, with an unconditional love and unwavering loyalty. But there are people who consider them nothing more than meat.

What not many people know is that cats get the same treatment. It is believed that eating cat meat will "cure" arthritis. Many shop owners are adding cats to the menu to reduce cost, "farming" cats cost a fraction of "farming" dogs.

The hard truth is there are people who see such noble creatures as nothing more than meat. Imagine someone kidnapping your furry friend, killing them with a cleaver and then slowly boiling them in a stew. That is the reality that cats & dogs in Korea face on a daily basis.

They are sold in street stalls, roasted and hung like a duck, throats slit, and to make matters worse, they spend their entire life in a small cage. Covered in their own waste with no room to move.

The selling and consumption of pets have been a multi-million dollar industry. And with little, if any government regulations sellers are allowed to abuse the animals without any consequences. While there are laws in place it is rarely enforced. Change can only be made from completely banning the sale of cat & dog meat.

You can make a differences, sign the petition to ban the sale of cat & dog meat in all of Korea before the start of the 2018 Olympics. There are only 27 days left until the Olympics, time is of the essences. Please sign and share. Thank You and let's make a difference.

The petition will be sent to the following people: 

President of South Korea - Moon Jae-in
Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries - Kim Yung-rok
Minister of Korea Food and Drug Administration - Ryu, Youngjin

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