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Young Nurses Indaba Trade Union (YNITU) calls for the abolishment of South African Nursing Council (SANC).”

[2020 Year of the Nurse]

On the 12th of May 2020, that was International Nurses Day, South African Nursing Council chose to continue showing it's non caring attitude towards those who are funding it year in and year out instead of celebrating with them, by pouring more salt onto the already wounded and downtrodden Nurses of South Africa when they gazzetted nothing spectacular but a down grade of professional nurses of South Africa under R425 of 22 February 1985. Maybe we can say it's a spectacular move by SANC to continue butchering the only profession that YNITU strives to restore it's severely tarnished image.

According to what SANC published as vol. 659 no. 43302 on government gazzett regarding the amendment of scope of practice that has already been signed by health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize, the most noticeable and outstanding, but surely daunting and worrying thing about the amendment is to see R425, a professional nurse, the product of the most excellent and inclusive curriculum being relegated to staff nurse R171 by SANC.

Up to today, R425 which is an excellent inclusive course, has been allowing South Africa to place their nurses everywhere after completing their tertiary education. R425 has been addressing the issue of neglected psychiatric patients in our country, it was covering primary health with merit, as well as mother and child aspect and has allowed many nurses to continue advancing their education in the profession, getting themselves masters degree even go as far as PhD all for the betterment of the profession and our health care system. Downgrading it and making it equal to an inferior course like R171 is the biggest insult nurses of this country have ever experienced.

YNITU strongly believes that Dr. Zweli Mkhize, our minister was also misled to think he's signing for something that spells new hope and bright future for Nurses. It simple means even amongst those who hold positions of authority in our country, nobody cares about Nursing transformation and that also suggest that nobody cares about health care system in this country.

The new scope of practice amendment is also denying Profesional Nurses an opportunity to open their own private practice. It simply relegating them and sentencing them to permanent poverty and subsequently stunting the growth of all of them and denying the general public quality nursing care.

YNITU is calling up on all nurses to start looking for an alternative, a new robust and relevant regulatory body, that is going to exist to advance the plight of South African nurses. All nurses and academics in this country should turn their backs on this backward, apartheid and colonial oriented regulatory body SANC. Even during the national state of disaster, where nurses are in the battlefield against an invisible brutal and merciless enemy, Covid-19, SANC ran as fast as a leopard to pick a spot in isolation, what a shame. While they are regulating the profession of essential service providers and health care frontliners, they don't classify themselves as essential, because they have never cared for the carer for as long as they have been in existence.

SANC should have never even thought of closing their offices, they should have helped the country by ensuring the availability of all nurses who have just completed their community service by registering all of them and issuing their certificates as quick as possible, instead they opted to subject our precious nurses to unnecessary frustration and depression. South African Nursing Council has proven beyond reasonable doubt time and again that it doesn't exist for the betterment of a South African Nurses and our health care system in general. Even their quality assurance is pathetic, our health care institutions are experiencing gross shortage of staff and material resources, yet Sanc is for quality nursing care service delivery and patients safety, but it has never said anything on how can the country curb and solve shortage nightmare. Nurses are working in dire unfavorable conditions and still fund every year the same institution that solely exists to chop off their heads should things go wrong in their line of duty. SANC should be abolished.

Released by:

Lerato Madumo-Gova

Rich Sicina
General Secretary
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