Take a stand on the abuses against homeless animals and their protectors

Take a stand on the abuses against homeless animals and their protectors

June 25, 2015
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President of Romania Klaus Iohannis and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Opriti CRIMA

The huge wave of social media support which Klaus Iohannis enjoyed during the presidential campaign, was heavily fueled by those seeking curtailment of the dog genocide in Romania.

Thousands of people, who otherwise would not have been involved in the political struggle, through the medium of social networks, have actively campaigned for the former Mayor of Sibiu, hoping that after he becomes President, stray animals in Romania will realise a somewhat better fate.

Many of them have waited and are still waiting for a statement of Klaus Iohannis on the issue of the stray dogs in Romania, and for a humane and civilised solution to this problem.

Since September 2013, Romania's homeless dogs are being rounded up and slaughtered in a crackdown launched after the young child, Ionut Anghel, was killed by dogs on a private property near the park where his grandmother had left him and his older brother unsupervised for more than one hour. Although initially blamed on the strays, his death was later found to have been caused by guard dogs owned by a private company.

But that hasn’t stopped the Romanian authorities from continuing with the massive cull and the ruthless killing of the dogs continues.

Since the introduction of this draconian law - based on a knee jerk reaction without any scientific evidence - came into force, more than 300.000 innocent dogs have paid for it with their life.

This is INJUSTICE perpetuated on a colossal scale, and public money being wasted without precedent on a stray animal strategy that the WHO and others consider to be ineffective.

This must stop!

A new Law Draft, proposed by Remus Cernea, is currently being debated within the Commission of the Romanian Parliament, and it is time - high time - for the President of Romania to take a strong stand on this issue that affects both animals and people!

By signing this petition, the letter, in Romanian language, that you can read below will instantly be sent to the President of Romania, the Romanian media and other instances.

Here's the translation of this letter for you in English, German and Romanian so that you know what you are signing:


Mr President Klaus Johannis,

The dog lovers, the animals rights activists and the human rights activists alike, in general, those who still have a bit of mind and soul in Romania, are asking you to get urgently involved, for stopping the unacceptable abuses that the state institutions practice.

On behalf of the rule of law, which is supposed Romania to be, please be aware that the local authorities violate frequently and with many aggravating circumstances the law.

The “Stray dog” business has become such a generous source of profit, made exclusively from torturing and killing innocent animals, that many mayors do not hesitate, using the subordinate dog catchers and local police, to assault the citizens of this country, who are trying to stop the illegal, criminal and inhuman practices, to which mayors indulge.

Please note that the implementing rules of “Ionut law”, which governs the management of ownerless dogs by local authorities, were suspended by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, since the summer of 2014.

Also, we would like to draw attention to the fact that a survey, conducted in the summer of 2014, highlighted the reality that over 60% of Romanians do not agree with the euthanasia of ownerless dogs.

However, municipalities continue, in a flagrantly and assumed illegal manner, to capture and kill the dogs in the streets.

When the authorities are the first to indulge in violation of the law, it is no wonder that the Romanian society is a real powder keg, ready to explode at any time.

Your position, as the referee between the State institutions and the guarantor and protector of the interests and rights of those who are living in this country, OBLIGE you to get involved in solving this potentially very dangerous situation for the social peace in Romania.

The quality of a humane person, which you are supposed to have, too!

Thank you!

[Signer's name]



Sehr geehrter Herr Präsident Johannis,

Tierschützer, Hundefreunde aber auch alle anderen Menschen, die noch über gesunden Menschverstand verfügen und das Herz am richtigen Fleck haben, bitten Sie darum, sich gegen den Missbrauch der Tierrechte in öffentlichen Institutionen einzusetzen.


Das Geschäft „Strassehund“ hat sich zu einer dermaßen großzügigen Profitquelle, welche exklusiv durch Quälen als auch Töten von unschuldigen Tieren erzielbar ist, entwickelt, dass zahlreiche Bürgermeister nicht zögern, mittels der ihnen unterliegenden Polizisten und Hundefängern, die rumänischen Bürger dieses Landes anzugreifen, die versuchen diese illegalen, unmenschlichen und kriminellen Praktiken, welche die Bürgermeister anwenden, zu stoppen.

Wir erinnern Sie daran, dass die Anwendungsvorschriften des „Ionut Gesetzes“, die die Verwaltung der Strassentieren durch die lokalen Autoritäten regeln, bereits im Sommer 2014 vom Bukarester Berufungsgericht ausgesetzt wurden.

Auch weisen wir Sie daraufhin, dass eine Meinungsumfrage im Jahr 2014 aufgezeigt hat, dass in Wirklichkeit über 60% der Rumänen mit der Euthanasie der Strassenhunde nicht einverstanden sind.

Trotzdem führen die Gemeinden, in eklatanter und bewusst illegaler Weise, das Fangen und Töten von Strassenhunden fort.

Solange die Behörden die Ersten sind, die das Gesetz verletzen, ist es nicht weiter verwunderlich, dass die rumänische Gesellschaft wahrlich auf einem Pulverfass sitzt, welches jederzeit in die Luft zu sprengen droht.

Ihre Befugnis – als Schlichter zwischen den Autoritäten des Staates aber auch als Garant hinsichtlich der Verteidigung von Interessen und Rechte derjenigen, welche in diesem Land leben – VERPFLICHTET Sie, sich für die Lösung dieser hochbedrohlichen Situationen und zur Wahrung des gesellschaftlichen Friedens in Rumänien einzusetzen.

Ihre menschliche Würde, wo wir davon ausgehen, dass Sie diese haben, verpflichtet Sie im Übrigen auch!

Wir danken Ihnen!



Scrisoare deschisă adresată Președintelui Iohannis

Domnule președinte Klaus Iohannis,

Iubitorii de câini, luptătorii pentru drepturile animalelor și ale oamenilor deopotrivă, în general, cei ce mai au un dram de minte și de suflet în România, vă solicită imperios să vă implicați în stoparea abuzurilor inacceptabile pe care le practică instituțiile Statului.

În numele statului de drept, care se presupune că este România, vă atragem atenția că autoritățile locale încalcă, în mod frecvent și cu numeroase circumstanțe agravante, Legea.

”Afacerea Maidanezul” a devenit o sursă atât de generoasă de profit, obținut exclusiv din torturarea și uciderea unor animale nevinovate, încît numeroși primari nu ezită, prin hingherii și Poliția Locală din subordine, să agreseze cetățenii acestei țări, care încearcă să stopeze practicile ilegale, criminale și inumane, la care edilii se dedau.

Vă amintim că normele de aplicare ale ”Legii Ionuț”, care reglementează gestionarea câinilor fără stăpîn de către autoritățile locale, au fost suspendate de Curtea de Apel București, încă din vara lui 2014.

Deasemenea, ținem să atragem atenția asupra faptului că un sondaj de opinie, realizat în vara lui 2014, a reliefat realitatea că peste 60% dintre români nu sunt de acord cu eutanasierea câinilor fără stăpîn.

Cu toate acestea, primăriile continuă, în mod flagrant și asumat ilegal, să captureze și să ucidă câinii de pe străzi.

În momentul în care autoritățile sunt primele care se dedau la încălcarea Legii, nu este de mirare că societatea românească este un adevărat butoi cu pulbere, gata oricând să explodeze.

Funcția dumneavoastă, de arbitru între autoritățile Statului și de garant al apărării intereselor și drepturilor celor ce trăiesc în această țară, VĂ OBLIGĂ să vă implicați în rezolvarea acestei situații cu potențial foarte periculos pentru liniștea socială din România.

Calitatea de OM, pe care se presupune că o aveți, deasemenea!

Vă mulțumim.

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This petition had 22,136 supporters

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