Victim of Sexual Harassment and Religious Discrimination Cries for Justice

Victim of Sexual Harassment and Religious Discrimination Cries for Justice

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Anal Haque Warsi started this petition to President of India (Government of India) and



The Honourable Ravi Shankar Prasad
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
(Government of India)
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi: 110003

Honourable Sir,

I am 38 year old muslim lady residing at B-35 Iron Gate (2nd floor) Garden Reach, Kolkata-700024. Ex employee of C-DAC, Kolkata (Centre for development of Advanced Computing).

I have joined C-DAC Mumbai in Aug 2006. In Oct 2007 i took a transfer to C-DAC KOLKATA after my son TAAHA AMIN came into this world. I am sorry to say, just because i am a Muslim lady i had to suffer a lot at my work place at Kolkata. I kept silent earlier and didn't escalate the grievances as these were monetary issues. After my ex-section head Dr. Shyamal Kumar Das left C-DAC and our JOINT DIRECTOR Mr.Debasish Mazumdar became my new section head my life became hell. He used to keep me over pressurize  me with irrelevant works just to harass me and keep me away with R&D works that will enhance my work profile, he along with my colleague Mr. Arup Saha would used to raise humiliating questions on ISLAM. Moreover Mr. Debasish Mazumdar would hurt my self-respect as a women. So i escalated my complain for the first time on 18th January 2013 to the HR at Headquarter Pune. As a counter blast  i was illegally suspended on 22nd March 2013 and dismissed on 14th March on 2014.

I sent a complain via post on 30th March to the Bidhannagar Police Station Sector V, Kolkata -700091. On 3rd April 2013 I went and handed over another copy of my FIR to the Lady officer. They were not taking my FIR nor even General Diary  However on 16th April 2013 I manged to get a GD number from them against my complaint. Then again with the help of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of West Bengal Commission for Women, I succeeded in lodging an FIR against the alleged officers in January 2014. At the time of filing the FIR they didn't take my original complain. They forced me to modify it and compress it to three pages. But till date no action has been taken against anyone who were and who are harassing me.

Consequently I registered my complain with different government bodies across India. I am sorry to say that though initially my grievances were addressed by the Minority Minister Office, National Commission for Minorities, West Bengal Commission for Women, President Portal forwarded the complain to the Chief Secretary of West Bengal but I didn't get any help from the Chief Minister office. Though I called their office several times to know the status of my complain forwarded by the President portal they refused to give any reply.

Neither National Human Rights Commission nor National Commission for Women nor West Bengal Commission of Minorities helped me. These three Commissions closed my file without any hearing saying that this is beyond their purview.

I have sent a hard copy of my complain to the Chief Minister in April 2013. I have mailed the CM several times. I talked to the PA/Secreretary of different Minister in Charge such as Ms. Mamta Banerjee, Janab Javed Khan, Janab Firhad Hakeem etc but they didn't allow me to communicate with the ministers neither did they give me any appointment. They either kept on saying that the Ministers are busy in a meeting or they just kept my call on hold.

My grievance is that though i kept on updating the Deputy General of C-DAC from the beginning. He didn't came forward to help a helpless and sick lady of his Esteemed Organization. He kept on excusing himself saying that a Disciplinary Proceeding has been initiated against me so he can't intervene. I tried to explain to him that I was the first to escalate my grievances to the HR Admin of C-DAC and my suspension on 22nd March 2013 is nothing but a counterblast to my allegation and evidences submitted  on 18th March 2013 to the Fact Finding Committee (Committee constituted to investigate my grievances mailed to HR Admin Mr. George Arakal on 18th January 2013 and 19th February 2013).  And that I have already informed Mr George Arakal via mail on 19th February 2013 that I was being threatened to withdraw my complain against Mr. Debashis  Mazumdar.

It is worth mentioning here that I was suspended and the Disciplinary Proceeding was initiated against me by Col. Asheet K Nath (Retd) Executive Director of C-DAC, Kolkata against whom I have already initiated a complain earlier. Moreover I was dismissed from service on 14th March 2014 by the Executive Director who himself have falsely alleged me of misbehaving with him in the charge sheet. That means that a witness is himself became the Judge in my case, which is against the CSS rule. The Inquiry Officer was completely biased and controlled by the Disciplinary Authority i.e Executive Director of C-DAC Kolkata. I was denied fair justice. I was denied of documents proving my innocence. Moreover in the dismissal order dated 14th March 2014 it was mentioned in that I am not the employee of C-DAC from 22nd March 2013. I have proof for everything and will produce them whenever demanded.

Still the officers against whom I have lodged my complaint/grievances on18th January 2013, 19 February 2013 and 18th March 2013 and Col. Asheet K Nath (Retd) Executive Director of C-DAC, Kolkata who has illegally suspended and dismissed me on 14th March 2013, just to defend and safeguard the alleged officers, are moving freely and I have lost my dream job.They are the people because of whom I and my family members have gone through a lot of mental agony and because of them only my health condition has become very poor since 19th January 2013 and now also i going through lot of agony. I have developed cardiac and orthopedic problem due to the excessive work pressure and mental pressure caused by Mr. Debashis Mazumdar. I was recently hospitalized at BM Birla on 2nd November 2015 for angiography and the result shows  bent in Coronary Artery with lesion. Moreover there is lipping at several places in my backbone.

The C-DAC kolkata officials are still harassing me. They have done lots of manipulation with my salary and CPF account.They have not given proper release letter nor did they issue me a reference letter (stating my role and responsibilities only, required for processing of my Permanent Residential Visa for Canada). All these are very essential for my future employment. Just because of them I am not able to secure a job though I have several interview call letters from big MNC such as Infosys TCS, Cognizant etc.

I have recently mailed C-DAC on 29 Oct 2015 and 5 Nov 2015. They assured me on 5th November 2015 that the will resolve the issues within 10 working days but as usual they didn't give a reply after that

I have mailed you earlier in 25 January 2015 but at that time the case was closed without giving me any opportunity to submit proofs against my ex employer C-DAC.

I have got the copy of the FIR yesterday only so I am writing to you with the hope that this time I will get justice.

I am forwarding some documents for your ready reference.Documents enclosed my resume, copy of FIR against C-DAC service certificate issued by C-DAC kolkata, appointment letter, removal order, Fact Finding Committee Report (Totally biased and incomplete report. All the officers except Chairperson of the Committee junior to Mr. Debashis Mazumdar. No face to face hearing conducted between me and others. No external person involved etc.)

I humbly request you to kindly look into the matter and take necessary actions against the corrupt officers and reinstate me to my job at C-DAC as early as possible.

Sir, I am pleading to reinstate me because I am not guilty and therefore i would not like to be punished. Moreover I love R&D and would like to contribute something to the Nation through my research activity.

I hope that you'll will consider my humble plea and and help me to come out of this crisis, mental agony and humiliation of being a dismissed employee.

I extend my gratitude for going through my letter.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Anal Haque Warsi

+91 9433524341

B-35 Iron Gate (2nd Floor)

Garden Reach

Kolkata - 700024

West Bengal

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!