Stop Police Brutality in Uttar Pradesh!

Stop Police Brutality in Uttar Pradesh!

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Asim Khan started this petition to President of India and

Stop Police Brutalities in Uttar Pradesh

We the people of India strongly condemn the widespread brutalities on the masses by the Police and authorities in Uttar Pradesh.

Videos of police brutalities coming from UP are very disturbing. The police action is such that it seems that the state is waging a war on a particular community of the state.

The blood-thirsty police, without any fear of accountability and law is seen barging into homes, destroying properties, beating up the residents, abusing them and telling them to leave the town.

They are chasing protesters, beating them up and opening fire. Chief Minister Sri Yogi Adityanath is talking about taking revenge and defending the police brutalities. It’s saddening to see that in recent years the atmosphere in the country has turned hostile for the people of one particular religion. In Uttar Pradesh, The fundamental rights to life and liberty, free speech, free movement, and association are under great jeopardy. Large numbers of deaths have been reported due to police firing. The excessive use of force largely targeted at one community. Even minors, elderly and females are being tortured and widespread detentions of citizens are reported. 

Citizens are rising up against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) recently passed by the Indian government creates critical concerns as it explicitly discriminates Muslims. Politically conscious people across the world are of a collective opinion that this legislation turns religion into a means of deciding whom to treat as an illegal immigrant — and whom to fast-track for citizenship.

CAA is closely connected with another contentious agenda – India’s National Register of Citizens (NRC).  This connection clearly proves the Indian government’s effort to identify and weed out Indian citizens, particularly Muslims, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, Other Backward Classes and other minorities by labelling them as illegal immigrants, which absolutely violates the rights conferred by the constitution of India. Moreover, recently published National Population Register (NPR) manual doesn't include a single Muslim Festival in the list of important festivals.  Various mass protests primarily led by students across India have already been mobilised in their hundreds of thousands demanding action to repeal the CAA.

The great constitution of our great nation has entitled every citizen equal rights under article 14 and 15. The Constitution guarantees that all people shall be equally treated and protected by the laws of the country without any discrimination. It means that the State will treat people in the same circumstances alike. However, there is gross violation of human rights in the country, especially in Uttar Pradesh whereas the Constitutional guarantees seem to be just a note on paper without any power, or may be empowering only a section of the society. "Equal Citizens Means Equal Treatment and Equal Protection of the Law"

We the Citizens of Republic of India hereby request you to protect the innocent citizens from police brutality and to take an strict action against the officials who have violated the rule of law in Uttar Pradesh. 

Sincerely Yours

Adv. Asim Khan

Aamir Edresy 

Sayeed Khan

Salim Motorwala

Dr. Azimuddin 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!