Respect Indian Military

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ALTBalaji, a video entertainment platform, founded by Ms. Ekta Kapoor, has recently come out with a new season as part of its adult series, XXX Uncensored 2. This show, Pyaar aur Plastic revolves around a military wife who carries forward an extra marital affair while her husband, a soldier in the Indian Army, serves the country on the borders. The boyfriend is also shown wearing the uniform(with rank and ceremonials) of the officer in question, which itself goes against the ethics of the military.

As an Indian, i strongly condemn this act of absolute ignorance and disrespect. The soldiers of the Indian Army serve the country with utmost dedication and voluntarily lay down their lives to protect it and its citizens. It is a well known fact that our soldiers make the ultimate sacrifice . So do their families back home. Military wives and families go through the toughest of situations all on their own, fight their own battles and come out victorious. The false portrayal of the family life of the soldiers is rude, ignorant and misleading in many ways.

Even though a case was filed against the same, it was dismissed soon after. This petition aims to bring to the notice of the citizens and officials of the nation that such spurious and false information is not appreciated and legal action must be taken against the producers and people associated with the show. The least that can be done to abate the situation is to take the show down and issue a public apology.

The cause is true and the feelings real. 

~a concerned, patriotic indian