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Shelter Homes: Sexual Abuse, Crippled Bureaucracy and Politics
Shelter homes in India are fast turning into sites of human trafficking and trade of the flesh.
The incidences of Muzzafarpur, Deoria, and Hardoi compel us to think whether shelter homes, the supposed institutes to protect people, are able to deliver. It is horrifying that the story of Muzaffarpur is not the only case where sexual, mental and physical abuse were rampant. The TISS social audit is the only reason all these atrocities were brought to light.
Samadhan Abhiyan wants to voice its strong concern over the horrific scenario of sexual abuse in shelter homes and wants to bring out the plight of the residents in front of the world, so that the victims can get justice. To achieve this, we, therefore, demand for a joint parliament committee to be formed which will ensure the following points:-
· Periodic social audit of the shelter homes.
· Report of social audit be published in national newspapers and the credentials of the organization who conducts the social audit is also made public.
· The social auditors have to go through the tough licensing process to become eligible for the audit.
· Eradication of procedural and functional errors from the policies to remove the loopholes.
· Accountability to be fixed at each level of the administrative chain and punishment is very stringent.
· Total justice to the victims.

It is a matter of grave concern that many of the shelter homes where sexual abuse took place enjoyed patronage of some politicians. The bureaucracy also seem to be extremely inactive and incompetent when cases like these are concerned. The politics involved in all these is something which can't be tolerated anymore.
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As the saying goes, "So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world!" Help us in saving the residents of shelter homes. We are the group of following NGOs and activists who are working together on this cause.

1. Samadhan Abhiyan
2. pace for india
3. sadda punjab
4. Gyanvriksh foundation
5.  nizameezm human equity and welfare association