Impose Presidents Rule In West Bengal-Combat Post Poll Violence

Impose Presidents Rule In West Bengal-Combat Post Poll Violence

3 May 2021
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Started by Concerned Indian

Impose Presidents Rule In West Bengal for 6 months-Combat Post Poll Violence

Bengal is Burning!

Sunday saw the victory of All India Trinamool Congress over the Bhartiya Janta Party securing more than 200 seats. While most left wing was celebrating this as a victory of democracy and secularism with defeat of supposed ‘Fascism’, BJP workers and supporters in the state have been paying the price for last 2 days with their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

  • Sova Rani Mandal who is the president of Booth No. 177, Jagdal assembly has been murdered while saving her son from TMC goons.
  •  3 BJP supporters and 1 ISF man have already been killed in violence by tmc goons.
  • In Howrah and Nandigram, TMC workers vandalised the BJP office and took away the goods from there.
  • Apart from attacks perpetrated on BJP karykartas in bengal, a Bajarang bali Mandir established by Bajrang Dal was also vandalised by miscreants wee hours, and Murtis was thrown in a nearby ponds.
  • 2 Female Election Agents of BJP Nanoor Candidate have been Gang Raped by TMC Goons, One of them is missing. More than 1000 Hindus families life is in risk in Nanoor Birbhum.
  • Many more BJP supporters have been killed and beaten the correct number being vague as of this moment.

While all this has been happening, the left has been celebrating the victory of democracy and secularism and the media has turned a blind eye towards the violence. This violence might be the beginning of another massacre of a particular community and the Chief Minister of Bengal is still celebrating her victory over the opposition.

TMC goons are seen taking out victory march, ravaging and marauding the homes of people's who voted for BJP.

TMC goons are entering the house and killing the BJP worker, vandalise BJP office , looting, killing, arson. Many of BJP workers have lost their lives and many injured in this violence.

This won’t stop unless the President and the Indian Army intervenes, the people op Bengal are crying out for help and no media outlet is listening to them. This seems more like a hatred towards the hindu faith rather than a political party.

As a citizen of this democratic nation I urge the President of India to take action and impose presidents rule in the nation as it’s clear that neither the state nor the centre is capable to maintain peace in the state.


A Concerned Citizen.

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Signatures: 9,126Next Goal: 10,000
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