CAB should not be implemented.

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To those of you don't know, CAB stands for Citizenship Amendment Bill. The Bill states that any Hindu, Parsi, Sikh, Christain citizen of Bangladesh can enter Assam with respect to India after the CAB is implemented.

The tragedy of ASSAM, since after independence the state of Assam, a state with natural resources abundance,witnessed lots of events which pulled it down several times.The events started with the division of Assam into several others states, then Assam agitation which led to the martyrdom of 885 young students and further the agitation helped in creation of a regional political party and it’s coming to the formation of government afterward. There were hopes and aspirations of people for a good governance but few leaders back stabbed its own people. In the meantime, the unrest for an independent Assam started which took more then 10000 + lives. Then a series of other events like corruptions , communal riots, jobless youths ,then recently NRC and at last CAB. ASSAM has not been treated like any other state.  So much of politics causing the flow of huge money to nowhere , undeveloped industrial sector, young people are facing joblessness, bad agricultural development, less infrastructure developments, less pace in business growth, confused people, etc etc.

My Appeal to all the people involved in implementing this bill, not to do so as here are some of the reasons which will effect out state with respect to our country 

1. Unemployment- As India has rapid growth of population resulting in large annual increments in labour force year after year unemployment has been there sincs ages. After implementing this Bill lakhs of people from Bangladesh will take over our jobs, our livelihood, our land. 

2. Population- As I stated in my former clause that India is largely populated, implementing the bill will result of chaos and crisis to the country such as- food crisis, rapid increase of crimes of which our small administration will not be able to handle. 

3. Cultural exploitation- The culture of Assamese people will very soon vanish because there will be the dominance of the foreigners if the Bill is implemented. Fact: Assamese people makes up for just 49% of total population and we don't want to reduce to low numbers 

4. Playing with the sentiments of the people involved in the Assam Accord- Today is Swahid Diwas i.e 10th December  and on this day lots of martyrs who laid down their lives to implement the Assam Accord. And CAB violates the clause 5 of Assam Accord.

5. Violation of the Indian Constitution- It is very very unconsitutional as it violates article14. No one, not even the govt can go against the Constitution. Anyone going against the Constitution should be punished 

6. Because I am an oxomiya- Our Japi, our Rhino, Our Gamusa is in danger. We Assamese people are always known for our hospitability which our guests are taking advantage of. Guests are always guests, they here for few days to stay not forever. 

To the Government of India- For a while please don't think about your vote banks and please think about the sentiments of the assamese people, for the economy of our land. If a 15 year old like me can see the difference why not the govt? The people voted for you, can you return the vote? Since our repesentatives are of no use, I strongly believe that they should return their votes to the people of Assam. We, the people of Assam trusted you and that is the soul reason why our representatives are sitting over the parliament and doing nothing. 

Today all the people are marching down the streets of Assam, everything has become standstill why? If lakhs of people can see the difference then why not the politicians who are in power? Its so obvious that it is for their votebanks. 

Its my humble request to the President of India not to give assent to this Bill and Chief Justice of India to declare this bill unconstitutional.

#saynotoCAB #noCAB

A concerned Assamese.