Abolish socialism. Liberate India.

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Abolish socialism. Liberate India.

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Started by Sanjeev Sabhlok

India was not born a socialist republic. It was born a republic wedded to liberty.

We did not become independent merely to become slaves of our governments, our politicians, our bureaucrats.

The purpose of independence was to ensure every Indian is free. Unfortunately, we ended up making governments far stronger than they were even in colonial times, and having over enormous powers of intervention in private citizens' lives to politicians and bureaucrats.

India's constitution is in many ways based on the American constitution which is dedicated to the life and liberty of citizens, not to the powers of government.

Today, Indians cannot undertake business, cannot speak, cannot write without the permission of some bureaucrat or bureaucratic body. Most times these bodies indulge in corruption, at a minimum they act paternalistically over the lives of free citizens.

We request you to address the joint sitting of Parliament and ask that there be a Freedom Minister, a Freedom Ministry, that all references to socialism in our constitution, in our laws, be abolished.

And that India finally be allowed to be a free country, free from the corrupt grip of the state.

Let the government only perform its minimal functions, and perform them well. 

Let the country follow the Sone Ki Chidiya total reform agenda, which is available at http://sonekichidiya.in/

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This petition had 131 supporters

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