Expedite enactment of the proposed Animal Rights & Protection Bill in Srilanka

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Animal welfare Bill received cabinet approval in Srilanka in 2016 but sadly this bill was never passed. Animal Cruelty legislation was last introduced in Srilanka in 1907 by the British Empire. Needless to say it has been more than a century and since then the suffering endured by animals in Srilanka has risen sky high. Many cruelty cases go unheard, unreported and only a few surface in the media. Even if a random case is reported there is no protection for these animals and perpetrators are never brought to justice. The crimes include, setting on fire, drowning, abandonment, hanging, beating,separating newly born from lactating mothers, discarding young animals like garbage along the busy road sides, abuse, starvation and even rape. Some stray animals are purposely run over by motorists. Endangered wild animals are killed by poachers. Farmers use inhuman killing methods such as poisoning or 'Hakka Patas' method. Animals endure hours of excruciating pain before a slow death. None of these horrible acts are brought to justice and perpetrators walk free and even encouraged. 

Please help us to get Animal Rights/ welfare Bill enacted. please help us by signing this. This Bill already has received cabinet approval but constant political and social changes keep sweeping this issue under the carpet. The voiceless remain voiceless and they are silent suffering remains unheard.