Prohibit the Denial of the Serbian, Jewish, Roma Genocide in Croatia


Prohibit the Denial of the Serbian, Jewish, Roma Genocide in Croatia

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Michelle G started this petition to United States Embassy in Zagreb and

This petition was created to urge Croatia, with the help of pressure from international entities, to make it illegal to: 

-Deny the Serbian/Jewish/Roma genocide committed by the Croatian Ustase during the years 1941-1945 whereby 800 000 - 1.5 million people were horrifically tortured and killed. Over 80% of the victims were ethnic Serbians. Jews and Romanis were also persecuted and killed en masse. In regards to killing methods, the Croatian Ustase were known for their extreme sadism and depravity which surpassed the cruelty exhibited by Nazi Germany.

-Show Ustase insignia or clothing 

-Chant Ustase songs, poems, chants or any other verbiage associated with the Ustase

-Perform the Ustase salute or any other gestures associated with the Ustase

The aims of this petition also include the following:

-the removal of Ustase insignia and slogans from the Jasenovac memorial 

-using correct descriptions at the Jasenovac memorial which includes classifying the camps as "death camps" and not as mere "labor camps" 

-the renaming of streets and any public places/buildings named in honour of Ustasha members

-lastly, we demand that you renaming of the Father Kamber Park in Mississauga as Dragutin Kamber was an Ustase war criminal

NEW- to remove tributes in honour of fascist war criminals and their families, Ante Pavelic family and Mile Budak, from Canada's Communist Victim Tribute Wall

Germany has made it illegal to deny the Holocaust. It is long overdue Croatia do the same out of respect for the victims of mass genocide.

This petition is endorsed by the Jasenovac and Holocaust Memorial Foundation and the Jasenovac Research Institute.

They're two fantastic organizations that provide a wealth of information on the topic. Please support them. 

The Serbian, Jewish, Roma genocide was especially violent and brutal. No gas chambers were used instead the Ustase used 57 brutal ways to kill the innocents including bludgeoning heads with hammers, slitting throats, throwing the victims into fires or boiling cauldrons of water, cutting open the stomach of pregnant women, bayoneting babies, decapitating children and so on. The Ustase adored performing atrocities in front of family members of the loved ones being murdered as a way to inflict immense emotional pain. Unlike the Nazi Germans,the Ustase even operated death camps exclusively for children. Hitler's envoy to the Balkans Edmund Glaise von Horstenau described the Ustase atrocities as the "peak of abomination," and "enough to make a man wretch."

Ustase sympathizers stills exist in modern times in Croatia. 

Croatian propagandists released a horrific movie cruelly named "Jasenovac-istina" (2016) or "Jasenovac-truth." In reality nothing could be farther from the truth.The film significantly downplays the number of deaths committed during the genocide. This film should be boycotted. 

After the World Cup Celebration, pro-fascist, Ustase sympathizer Thompson (Marko Perkovic)  who sang at the event, started his performance with the Ustase battle cry which is the epitome of disgust and disrespect to all the victims, survivors and survivors families. 

On May 1, 2020, Ustase supporters were in attendance at a commemorative event to pay respects to Serbs slaughtered by Croats in 1995. 

Croatian footballer Josip Šimunić has performed the Ustase salute during soccer matches.

Donations and sharing this with family and friends really helps. All proceeds go straight back into the petition to help promote it on the site. Donate what you can; donations of $25 are doubled! They are much appreciated Hvala. Thanks.

We must stand up for genocide victims, survivors and their families. Do your part and sign. 




This petition made change with 11,687 supporters!

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