Compassion for Canines - Ending the Yulin Dog Festival

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As a fellow dog owner and lover, I was heartbroken to hear that thousands of dogs are brutally tortured and eaten in Yulin, China every year during a 10-day stretch in June. And yes, sadly it's scheduled to continue on as planned this summer. 

What's even worse is that many of the dogs transported to The Yulin Dog Meat Festival are pets that have been snatched off of the street near their family homes... still wearing their collars.

Once they arrive in their cramped cages (if they don't succumb to any injuries received during transportation) they are slaughtered in heinous ways in open markets and, shockingly enough, sometimes next to elementary schools. 

If you, like me, know that this brutality needs to end, join me in taking a stand for canine compassion.

I will be organizing events over the next few months in Vancouver, B.C. If you are in the area, feel free to join! All proceeds received will be used to promote education, rescue dogs/cats from slaughter, and locate new homes for survivors.

The more we are a choir, the more the tune is forced to change.