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Let's stop the Bolivian government from implementing projects that would intensify Climate Change and threaten hundreds of the world's endangered species through the flooding and destruction of 230,000 acres of the Madidi National Park which is located in the Amazon forest.

The Madidi Park is the most biologically diverse place on earth, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) as it is refuge to more than 1,100 bird species, 200 species of mammals, 300 types of fish, and 12,000 plant species, many of which are endangered. This park is a top tourist attraction in Bolivia and part of one of the largest protected complexes in the world.

Currently, the Madidi Park is threatened by the development of governmental projects which include: two hydroelectric dams, the construction of a road that would split the park in half, agricultural expansion, logging, mining, and oil drilling. The administration of president Evo Morales is forcing their environmental agency to approve of these projects (along with 29 additional projects in 17 other nationally protected areas) regardless of the existing environmental laws as well as the verified negative environmental, social, and economic impacts (listed below).

  • Flooding of 230,000 acres of forest due to the filling of the reservoir (an area the size of several US cities)
  • Total loss of the animals and vegetation along with thousands of 300 year-old trees 
  • Water pollution and eutrophication due to the hydrological and nutrient alteration 
  • Air pollution due the decomposition of biomass and production of carbon monoxide and methane which will increase global warming and intensify climate change
  • Infiltration and use by loggers, poachers, and colonizers due to the road construction
  • 17 indigenous groups will lose their land that they lived on for generations
  • Economically, the expected energy sales revenues will not create a profitable return on the $6 billion invested to build the project. In reality, the Bolivian state will increase its external debt even more.

Although, these projects aim to make Bolivia the biggest power supplier in South America, the Bolivian government could opt to invest the $6 billion on implementing cleaner energies such as air and solar. As a matter of fact, recent studies showed that the use of solar power is feasible for over 97% of the Bolivian territory as the Altiplano plateau, where the Andes are at their widest, have the highest radiation recorded in the world, having enough radiation to produce 220 Wh per day of electricity.

No other place on earth captures the South American biodiversity like the Madidi National Park. Please sign this petition and share it with as many people as you can to stop this tragedy from happening.

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