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Stop Killing Stray Animals due preparation for Eurovision2012 in Baku!

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Baku is currently undergoing renovations and accommodations for the 2012 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. However, the preparations don't stop at structural improvements. In fact, innocent stray animals are being Shot,Poisoned or Brutally Slaughtered to clean up the streets of Baku and surrounding regions.By the law of Azerbaijan killing animals is illegal.But no matter this there is government organisation which name is Baki Shahar Ijra Hakimiyyati which is totally sponsored by government and they bring order of president to clean up the streets from stray animals to reality.When people sent lots of letters to President to stop this cruelty,he officially said on TV Channel that its illegal in Azerbaijan and not happening,but we know that it does,we have photos,people see every day happening at school a front of kids,at their yards at any time day or night.We want it to stop!!PLEASE HELP US TO BE HEARD!!WE SPEAK UP FOR ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!ALL THESE ANIMALS HAVE VERY LOVING NATURE DESPITE BEING NEGLECTED BY GOVERNMENT AND ITS AUTHORITIES.ALSO IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE AFTER NEW YEARS EVE DUE TO INTENSIVE PREPARATION FOR APRIL-MAY 2012.WE HEARD THAT THEY PLANNING TO USE SPECIAL EQUIPMENT TO BURN ANIMALS ALIVE RIGHT ON STREET,PLEASE HELP US TO STOP IT BEFORE IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

By now there is no excuse for anyone exterminate stray animals at random. There are plenty of people willing to save them and help them find new homes, as well as methods to deal with the problem of strays that don't involve killing them.We believe that Government has enough finances to fix this problem different way which doesnt involve animal cruelty.Neighbours countries like Turkey sterilize all stray dogs and cats,other countries like Georgia open animal shelter where animals could be adopted.

We must bring this matter to the attention of Azerbaijan's authorities so we can prevent any more cruelty as soon as possible. Sign your name asking President Ilham Aliyev to step in and stand up for Azerbaijan's stray animals.Also we want all European Authorities and Official Sponsores to know what stays behind Azerbaijan's preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2012!!!

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