June 27, 2013
To President Obama, the World Court, and the American People:
Scott Ritter is a peacemaker who has saved millions of
people from the fate of being casualties of war, and many
of these people are Americans.
The United States Government, and certainly the American
people who now have the backing of the whole world behind
us in resisting the encroachment of the
creeping Fascist coup in our midst,
can show a better form of gratitude
toward Scott Ritter for all of the
wonderful things he's done, than
by locking him up in a Federal prison
on false charges which were hurled
against him repeatedly by a corrupt
political machine. The motives for the
repeated series of despicable frameups
were completely political and had nothing
to do with protecting the public from any
sort of menace.
I have reviewed in detail the case brought against
Scott Ritter by the corrupt political prosecution
machine of Tom Corbett - who is a
fascist, power-mad, well-oiled
late 1980s protege, by way of
Governor Tom Ridge, of the
Bush political machine.
No charges ever brought against Scott Ritter,
or attempted against his good name, have
any merit. The "evidence" was reviewed by a top
data analysis firm and found conclusively to be
flawed, tainted, fraught with reasonable doubt
and in all likelihood tampered with in a way
which is thoroughly malicious. It is an established
fact that there was not only motive, but opportunity
for prosecution to perpetrate these acts of malice.
There is no victim of any conduct of Scott Ritter,
and as far as the charge of intent is concerned,
it is so weak as to be laughably false, when the
evidence in the case is critically examined.
The intent here was to defame Scott Ritter
and to enlist his own co-operation in the
process of discrediting himself.
Scott Ritter's real "crime", if it can be called that,
was to speak out against the Iraq war which
President Bush Jr. announced in advance
(and in this context, you may recall Bush, Jr. stupidly
telegraphing the intended enemy
for WEEKS before starting a war,
in callous disregard
of human life!)
Scott Ritter tried to prevent that war. He said, "We
thoroughly inspected Iraq for nuclear, chemical and
biological weapons." (Scott Ritter led that effort).
He said, "There are none left. This war is being
launched under false pretenses." (Scott Ritter was
giving expert advice). He said that diplomacy was
the way to achieve whatever objectives the United
States has in respect to Iraq. (He was right, of
course.) Scott Ritter also warned over eleven years
ago that a war in Iraq, for the United States, would be
unwinnable. Who was right? Was it the Bush (league)
Administration, which carelessly launched this war that
is still not over or won yet (and probably never will be)
or Scott Ritter, the lone and brave dissenter who
carefully warned against such careless disregard for
human life?
For these outspoken EXPERT opinions,
Scott Ritter was silenced, ignored - and proven right.

When you are right, and when you are dealing with

ruthless people who believe that they cannot afford to

lose an argument with you, they will sense that they

have run out of ideas and that they are on the short


The more desperate they are, the worse the label will be.
If there is ONE CRIME that is as bad as molesting
A "PEDOPHILE" - especially in retaliation for  
doing something good, or as some type of political
witch-hunt. Every forensic expert in the field of child
psychology and pediatric well-being and science
will agree with that statement, unless they themselves
are politically influenced and married to the gravy train
of false prosecution. And every American during these
times of prosecutorial misconduct needs to be mature
enough to realize this:

If there is ever a sure way that any dishonest person   

can and will seize upon to destroy a business rival, a political 

opponent, or a potential honest witness or

whistleblower, or even a respected person who an

accuser harbors resentment or insane jealousy toward,

it is to either play the nastiest card in the deck 

against that person - the "P-word" card - or to allow

the chips to fall where they may when that victim of defamation

is destroyed by someone else, and to do so perhaps

out of realistic fear, or inability to help, or due to moral cowardice. 

The accusation is not only the evidence, but amounts to the
conviction and sentence too, from which there is no real appeal.

Imagine yourself in this situation:
You are a critic of Government, or a witness to a
possible violation of law. You are speaking up
against some people who may or may not be
powerful, but they certainly are more ruthless than
you know. Suddenly, one day, you unexpectedly
find yourself in handcuffs - and YOU are labelled
a "pedophile", etc. You know you are innocent
of any and all charges. You know you never broke
the law, or had any intention of doing so.
What defense can YOU, suddenly in such a situation,
come up with? Can you even find an attorney who
is willing to risk their own neck to save yours?
NOW YOU KNOW the predicament Scott Ritter
has found himself in - one of COMPLETE
DEFENSELESSNESS and abject knowledge that
he has been betrayed by a country he loves
and has served well and with honor - and a country
which he tried in vain to spare from an unnecessary war
-  a war which Secretary of State John Kerry himself described
in these six words: "wrong war, wrong time, wrong place."
Scott Ritter is a happily married man, absent these
false charges and setups. His wife is a beauty of
Georgian nationality from the former Soviet Union
who...as you might guess....met him through an
intelligence contact initially meant perhaps to
compromise him; and Scott Ritter's behavior in
all that was not only flawless, but gallant and heroic.
I believe Scott Ritter has at least one child who needs
him as a dad, and who doesn't need this political
three-ring circus ruining her life - a three-ring circus
brought to you by the same people who failed to
arrest Jerry Sandusky, who beat up a New York
motorist in Bradford Township, and who failed to
investigate a child procurement ring as described
in the You Tube video, Corbettgate.
Scott Ritter is an intelligence officer, who should be
PROTECTED by any sane, reasonable and honest
government loyal to its own interests and people,
and not THROWN TO THE WOLVES in a petty and
mendacious manner which reeks of treachery.
The process of baiting Scott Ritter in the way he was baited
(and there is NO EVIDENCE that in any case, Scott
Ritter intended to break the law in any way - ALL the
evidence is that some corrupt forces in Government
wanted to pour mud on his good name) is a clear and
present danger to the United States, and could only
have originated by way of authorization from the highest
levels of Government. What kind of Government deliberately
makes war on its own best and brightest intelligence
officers and ad hoc advisors? Of course, the same  
one we had in Washington under President Bush, Jr.!
They did not relinquish control when Obama became
President. They tightened their control and pushed
the new President aside on all matters of military
policy, intelligence, and political influence and justice,
as well as banking, finance and other power-centers.
The number of foreclosures in the United States during the
first four years of Obama's White House stay was
DOUBLE what it was under the last four years of
President Bush, Jr. - which is a sure sign that when
it came to implementing "hope and change" for the
American people, President Obama has had absolutely
no traction since becoming President. It isn't the Republicans
in the House of Representatives that have turned Obama into
a powerless and completely weak President. It is normal for
Congress to be a center of loyal opposition, and the President
and his political strategists are looking in the wrong direction.
President Obama, since January 20, 2009, had faced one major
roadblock - the techies in his own Administration.
And now we know what is really going on. The WORLD
knows. And the world is conveying this message to
President Obama loud and clear: It is time for him to
turn over a new leaf - as described in the change dot org
petition: President Obama, Turn Over A New Leaf.
One test of whether President Obama has actually been able
to gain control over his own Administration, other than the
thin veneer of cronies at the top levels (and these prominent
people do not implement policy) is the nature and
frequency of Presidential pardons. The record shows the
ineffectiveness of Mr. Obama on this score, and the way
the pardoning process in the Obama Administration has been
successfully obstructed by worms in the woodwork.
So far, the only two
Presidents who have granted fewer pardons than Obama
(on either a per-capita basis vis a vis the US population
during the time of each President, or on a ratio of need
or formal requests) are James Garfield and William Henry
Harrison - both of whom died in office so soon after becoming
President that neither had time to make it to the first
Christmas pardoning list. In fact, neither President even
had the chance to pardon a turkey! On the other hand, the
list of sparse, stingy Obama pardons has fewer living Americans
who have actually benefited from Obama's pardons, than turkeys
whose lives have been saved!
We have tens of thousands of Americans whose lives have been
ruined due to deliberate injustices knowingly perpetrated against
them, their families and their communities, by corrupt prosecutors
and judges who are in tandem with these prosecutorial hoax artists.
We have to start somewhere to reverse this process, because
the credibility of the United States internationally, has been
destroyed, if for no other reason. More and more requests for
extradition are being refused by foreign governments who have
the good sense to know that if they grant an extradition request to
the United States, the person who they hand over will not have
any opportunity for a fair hearing. They know that Government
prosecutors cannot be punished or warned for lying in court
in the United States. The reputation of the USA is at stake no
less than that of the President. Whatever you think of petitions,
whatever you think of the President, and whether you are a
Republican or a Democrat, or outside the political processes
of the USA, it serves your own interest and behooves you morally
to sign this petition. Don't nitpick now and regret later that you
allowed an opportunity to help wrongfully accused people in
their hour of distress. Act as though your own life depends on
helping victims of American injustice today - because tomorrow
it could be you. Not only are you vulnerable to being victimized
by Government injustice as never before in the USA - but you,
like everyone else in the world, are in increasingly greater danger
every day due to the virulent spillover of the spreading Syrian
war which is increasingly becoming an international conflict -
and which now, more than ever, calls for the skills and wisdom
of Scott Ritter to put an end to it as quickly as possible.
Everything else has been tried, and failed.
Why not try this?
The 52-part Pardon and Reprieve has been in the e-mail list of
all ranking Democrats and people able to contact the President,
since December 11, 2012. These are emergency requests on behalf
of people who are in distress and in need of emergency disaster
assistance due to man-made disasters inflicted upon each of them
unjustly, by Government. Some of these disasters may have been
inflicted accidentally, and with good intentions. But most are cases
of Fascist intentionalism gone blatantly berserk - often for profit.
Scott Ritter is one of the people listed on the 52-part Pardon and
Reprieve. Every single one of the people on this list is a victim
of at least one Constitutional violation including flaws in the
administration of due process of law.
What is more important to you as an American and a person who
has a vital interest in world peace? Is it more important that
our Government in Washington continue to act as a shill
for the corrupt Corbett political machine in Pennsylvania and
its prosecutorial operatives (remember, the same political machine
that was in such a big hurry to prosecute both Scott Ritter and
Scott Davis, neither of whom EVER harmed or even solicited
anyone under the age of 18 for illegal ANYTHING - was also the
same political machine which DRAGGED ITS HEELS on
prosecuting Jerry Sandusky, the big Republican political donor
to Tom Corbett's campaigns; and failed to protect the daughter
of Heather Gebhardt in Souderton in the spring of 2011)?
OR - is it more important that at a time when over 100,000 people
in Syria and in neighboring lands have been killed in warfare which
includes the chemical weaponry that Scott Ritter is such an
experienced expert in defining and identifying, that the Administration
in Washington STOP PLAYING GAMES, get down to the serious
business of making peace instead of spinning its wheels
ineffectively, PARDON and FREE SCOTT RITTER, and allow him
to do what he does best - LIFESAVING WEAPONS INSPECTIONS?
Time is of the essence. There is no emergency or clear and present
danger calling for the imprisonment of Scott Ritter now, or at any
time in the past or future. There is EVERY clear and present reason
why Scott Ritter should be freed, and why the Corbett prosecutorial
political machine should be investigated by the US Justice Department
and by an independent special investigator reporting directly to the
President - a Federal Independent Special Transgovernment Prosecutor;
or FIST Prosecutor, who can POLYGRAPH these prosecutorial
hoodwinkers all the way up to the top of that State government now
perpetrating a Fascist occupation of the Cradle of Liberty.
It is time, for the reasons listed above and for many
other reasons, for the President of the United States to
grant unto Scott Ritter (William Scott Ritter Jr.) a complete
pardon, a manumission of sentence, an expungement of the
record, a Letter of Declaration of Actual Innocence, emergency
disaster relief compensation without prejudice, and appointment
as a Special Ambassador for Peace, Justice and Technical
Investigations - and if the President will not do this very soon,
then the World Court should take emergency remedial action
to obtain the freedom of Scott Ritter and other people listed in
the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve, over any and all objections
of the United States Government.
Please show your personal courage and
fearless resolve to do what is right by
signing and sharing this petition with
others, and sponsoring it if you can.
For a better America and a better world:
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

Letter to
President Obama, World Court
Free Scott Ritter