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Take Executive Action on Gun Violence

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In 2007, I was a student at Virginia Tech when a gunman burst into my French class. I was shot four times and incredibly lucky to survive. In total, 32 people were killed on campus that day and over a dozen more were injured.

Seeing the news of nine students killed by a gunman at Umpqua Community College in Oregon last week was incredibly hard for me. I know the terror that those students felt. I know the long and difficult road that lies ahead of them. And I'm fed up with our leaders in Congress who have watched these horrible events unfold and yet have done nothing to address the problem.

After the Virginia Tech massacre, I wanted to change that. I joined with Everytown for Gun Safety to utilize my experience to educate Congress and the public about the problems in U.S. gun laws. The events in Roseburg have only strengthened my resolve.

Now I'm joining Everytown to call on President Obama to take executive action in the wake of the shooting at Umpqua Community College -- the 18th mass shooting of 2015. 

Everytown is asking President Obama to take five critical and simple steps on gun violence that would keep dangerous people with guns out of our schools; crack down on gun trafficking and curb the sale of guns without background checks; ensure that law enforcement identifies and prosecutes the most dangerous criminals who try to illegally obtain guns; help states to enforce their own background check laws; and ensure that all convicted domestic abusers are prohibited from possessing guns.

Please sign our petition asking President Obama to take action now. 

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