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President Obama: Stand in solidarity with Presidents Molina, Calderón, Santos, & Funes on legalization rather than against them.


Prohibition of marijuana has caused countless problems across the continent. It has been the seed of instability and discontent wherever it has been implemented. Most of us feel the time for debate around this issue has passed. Instead we gather our voices together in a show of solidarity. We stand with those distinguished leaders across the continent that seek to eliminate these destructive and antiquated laws.

Recently the Presidents of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico have weighed in on this issue and called for its end. ( The majority of those in this country believe similarly, yet President Obama answered on behalf of all of us. The President responded through Dan Restrepo, the top Latin America official in theWhite House that:

"The Obama administration has been quite clear in our opposition to decriminalization or legalization of illicit drugs."

It is time to tell the President and his chorus line that we are not happy. It is time to remind him that the voice of the people should be heard above all others.

We call on President Obama to ADD his support to these distinguished foreign leaders. We call on him to fulfill the mandate that he was elected under. We call on him to be truthful to the calling of his position and to end the senseless waste of money and lives.

These are our voices Mr. President. We speak for those your prohibition has silenced.


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  • Presidents of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico
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