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President Obama, shut down the catfood commission now.

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President Obama.

Shut down the catfood commission now and do not enact benefit cuts to social security nor any age increase requirements for obtaining social security benefits.

Increase the taxable income cap or remove the taxable income cap for social security. Until the above happens, I refuse to travel to, and refuse to do business or buy any product or service from companies from Wyoming and North Carolina, the states where the chairmen of the catfood commission reside.

Thank you.


I have a challenge for each of you who have signed this petition. The first person who recruits 10,000 people to sign this petition will get an FDR coin whose picture appears at the top of this petition. You can see the number of recruits and the names of the people at the right.

We the people of the United States of America form this Liberal Democratic Party of the United States of America for the promotion of a progressive agenda for America.
We generally support the progressive and liberal candidates that run in the regular Democratic party. We do not run candidates. We do not handle money. Our power comes from the unionization of our party members who tell GOP contributors and other regressive contributors that UNTIL you get the House and Senate and the President to enact our party platform at the present point into law YOU will lose our business as consumers. By doing this we avoid petitioning a corporate corrupted congress and go to the source of corruption and pressure them for the legislation under threat of massive boycotts.

Party members will send the party agenda by email to these GOP and regressive contributors and get new people to join us.

Imagine it and it will happen.

The Republican party appears weak and vulnerable at the cash registers of those companies that give money to them.

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