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Stand on the side of the people and ask Mr. Kabila to step down from power

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On November 28, 2011, the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo came out in large scale to vote because they believed in democracy. They elected a new leader, President Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, the head of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress party. Many impartial observers shared this conclusion, along with Cardinal Laurent Musengo, the head of the influential Catholic Church in Congo.

However, President Joseph Kabila – who has been in power for the past 11 years – and his close friends, including the head of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Daniel Ngoyi Mulunda, manipulated the election via fraudulent registration of underage voters and multiple ballots per registered voter. Despite this fraud, President Tshisekedi still managed to win the election by a comfortable margin. Nevertheless, President Kabila and his crony Daniel Ngoyi Mulunda have refused to recognize President Tshisekedi's victory.

Since Kabila came in power in 2001, the DRC has become the most dangerous place for women and children to live. 48 women are being raped every hour and over 6 million people have died due to the high demand for the precious mineral Coltan (used in the production of Smartphone) and lack of leadership. The Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) of 2008 has helped stop illegal mining in the Congo. On November 28, 2011 Congolese spoke loud and clear for Change; they voted for President Tshisekedi.

Mr. Kabila has continued to suppress the Congolese people by sending troops to door to door and by taking the opposition party hostage. He has ordered his military to shoot on protesters. So far since the election, 18 people have died and many more have life-threatening injuries.


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