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Dear Mr. President:

The Catholic Church is waging a war against gay Americans, and therefore, we demand that you -- our fierce advocate -- call on the Church to cease its hostilities against us.

To no small extent, the Catholic Church has financial motivations to poison minds against gay people and to politic against our equality. The Church's historical business model depends on the demonization of gay people. The Church needs the very low-wage labor of priests and nuns. It has gotten it, oftentimes, by stigmatizing gay human beings, and making them believe that they have no hope of satisfying adult domestic lives. The fall-off in the number of young people signing up to be priests and nuns corresponds almost precisely to the gradually increasing social acceptance of gay human beings. The Church knows that and is lashing out vengefully to protect its historical business model. That it says "Homosexuals are called to a life of celibacy" is transparently self-serving and in line with the Church's financial agenda.

Gay Americans' human and civil rights must not be sacrificed for the economic convenience of the Roman Catholic Church. Tangentially be it noted, that the Church in addition to being anti-gay is misogynist. The nuns get hidden away doing the worst of the dirty work. Never does one see them in fancy garb drinking fine wine out of a golden chalice, as one so often sees the Church's patriarchs.

Were it not for the Church's pecuniary motivations against gay Americans, one still could point at Catholic dogma on human sexuality and accurately say that it is utter twaddle. The Church notoriously placed Galileo under house arrest because he taught that the earth revolved around the sun, instead of vice-versa. Gay Americans today refuse to allow the Catholic Church to put us under national house arrest in a system of sexual orientation apartheid, in the name of anti-gay Church dogma which has been thoroughly debunked by science.

The Catholic Church's strategies in its war against gay Americans seek to subvert our democracy. In his threatening letter to you, Archbishop Timothy Dolan said that if your administration continued to ease the strictures of the sexual orientation apartheid we suffer, you would "precipitate a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions."

How dare the leader of this evil cult threaten our President over our human and civil rights? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her Geneva address re-affirmed that "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights." On what basis in law is Archbishop Dolan threatening you with "a national conflict between Church and state of enormous proportions"? Where in our Constitution does it say that the President shall yield to -- or remain silent in the face of -- an Archbishop's demands to perpetuate sexual orientation apartheid?

We urge you to remember the following, if you feel shy of considering the Catholic Church an evil cult. In Wisconsin, Dolan successfully fought against proposed legislation that would have lifted the statute of limitations for the prosecution of child rape. There is some appearance that his political victory in that contributed to his being promoted to New York, made President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and now, a Cardinal. The Church claimed it had reformed, but in 2011, yet another Church child rape crime ring came to light in Philadelphia -- 37 of the priests named in the indictment can not be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations. In New York, State Senator Thomas Duane -- and others - have introduced legislation (S3333) that would lift the statute of limitations on prosecution of child rape. A Duane staffer said "If you think Dolan fights hard against marriage equality, that is nothing compared to how hard he fights against lifting the statute of limitations for prosecution of child rape." Recently, after Church child rape victims were quoted in the Boston Globe, Catholic League President Bill Donahue -- a hard-bitten political gay basher -- said that the Church's child rape victims should just get over it. The Church excommunicates one for ordaining a woman but not for raping children.

Gay Americans are subject to constant attack in the Church's war against them. The most widely reported attacks in the war are always only the tip of the ice-berg of the Church's relentless assaults against gay Americans. And, in the past weeks alone, 1) Cardinal George of Chicago had the towering nerve to liken gay rights supporters to the Ku Klux Klan and 2) Archbishop Nienstedt of Minneapolis was discovered distributing anti-gay hate speech and defamation and strongly suggesting to those to whom he was distributing it that they should not reveal it to the public.

Among other examples of Archbishop Nienstedt's anti-gay hate speech, he wrote that he believes that the "end game" of equality supporters is to "eliminate the need for marriage altogether." Nienstedt has pulled that propagandistic anti-gay hate speech lie from under his mitre. Where gay Americans have their inalienable rights at state level, we have rejoiced to see committed, loving, same sex couples -- many together for decades -- finally given state-level marriage recognition and rights. Nienstedt's outrageous, malicious, defamatory allegation that gay Americans have an "end game" of doing away with marriage would be laughable if it were not so hateful and hurtful.

President Obama -- we need for our fierce advocate to help to protect us -- right now -- against the nasty all-out war that the Catholic Church is waging against us daily. And that is why we demand that you call on the Church to cease its relentless, greed-fueled and unconstitutional hostilities against us.


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