President Obama: Reject the XL Pipeline

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President Obama: Reject the XL Pipeline

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Tar sands oil production is one of the most destructive strip mining techniques on earth and results in deforestation, habitat loss, ground water contamination, pillaging of native lands, three times more carbon would be released into the atmosphere than is released by conventional oil.

In short, this spells a disaster in the making, drastically undermining our ability to moderate the effects of climate change. Time is short, and we need to urgently invest in sustainable sources of energy and to divest from fossil fuels that are being extracted in increasingly devastating ways.

If you are concerned about climate change then you need to be concerned about what choice the Obama administration makes at this key point in history with regards to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

A number of international climate experts recently surveyed agree that “Obama's decision would have climate impacts beyond the project's direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.”

Obama’s approval of Keystone would mean:

18-24 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually

An encouraging nod to oil companies

Trend setting to other countries to ignore perilous investment in fossil fuels

Obama’s rejection of the pipeline would tell the international community that the US may actually be serious about cutting emissions and could breathe new life into international climate negotiations.

Buddhists, and all Dharma, Mindfulness, Yoga & Fellow Practitioners of Awakening, let's join together to support a sustainable Earth for future generations.

We encourage you to join us:

Today: We invite you to sign this petition, along with leaders from our communities, and send it far and wide, to your communities, and even further afield.

Sept 21: We invite you to participate in the climate movement’s “Draw the Line” campaign opposing Keystone

First Week in October: With your communities, we invite you to heighten the focus on care of the Earth. This can be through sharing forums, lobbying, educating, talking together, undertaking eco-awareness projects, fundraising to support activism. Let us join together and work towards a shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.


Thank you.

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This petition had 690 supporters

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