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Tar sands oil production is one of the most destructive strip mining techniques on earth and results in deforestation, habitat loss, ground water contamination, pillaging of native lands, three times more carbon would be released into the atmosphere than is released by conventional oil.

In short, this spells a disaster in the making, drastically undermining our ability to moderate the effects of climate change. Time is short, and we need to urgently invest in sustainable sources of energy and to divest from fossil fuels that are being extracted in increasingly devastating ways.

If you are concerned about climate change then you need to be concerned about what choice the Obama administration makes at this key point in history with regards to the Keystone XL Pipeline.

A number of international climate experts recently surveyed agree that “Obama's decision would have climate impacts beyond the project's direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.”

Obama’s approval of Keystone would mean:

18-24 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually

An encouraging nod to oil companies

Trend setting to other countries to ignore perilous investment in fossil fuels

Obama’s rejection of the pipeline would tell the international community that the US may actually be serious about cutting emissions and could breathe new life into international climate negotiations.

Buddhists, and all Dharma, Mindfulness, Yoga & Fellow Practitioners of Awakening, let's join together to support a sustainable Earth for future generations.

We encourage you to join us:

Today: We invite you to sign this petition, along with leaders from our communities, and send it far and wide, to your communities, and even further afield.

Sept 21: We invite you to participate in the climate movement’s “Draw the Line” campaign opposing Keystone

First Week in October: With your communities, we invite you to heighten the focus on care of the Earth. This can be through sharing forums, lobbying, educating, talking together, undertaking eco-awareness projects, fundraising to support activism. Let us join together and work towards a shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.


Thank you.

For more info: 

Letter to
President of the United States of America President Obama
Dear President Obama,
As leaders of the Buddhist/ Mindfulness/ Dharma/ Yoga Communities, we join the call requesting you to act courageously and reject the Keystone pipeline.

We appeal to your wisdom, compassion and courage – the wisdom to see that this project, and projects like it, lead us on a path of destruction; and the compassion and courage to set a new course for our planet - one embracing renewable energy - at this crucial hour in humanity’s history.

We ask you to embrace intelligent solutions and bypass what “business as usual” calls pragmatism. We remind you of a message of hope you offered the world 6 years ago.

Together, with your active support, we can work towards a sustainable future for the generations to come.

We thank you for your attention to this pressing issue. We thank you for your wise guidance towards decreasing dependence on fossil fuels while generating innovative investment in sustainable energy.

Buddhist Leaders:

Bhikkhu Bodhi-Translator, Teacher, Activist, New Jersey
Joanna Macy-The Work That Reconnects, Berkeley CA
Bhikkhu Sucitto-Chithurst Monastery, W.Sussex, UK
Dr.Jack Kornfield-Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Joseph Goldstein - Barre MA
Tara Brach-Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC
David Loy - Author,Teacher, Sanbo Kyodan Sangha CO
James Baraz - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Berkeley CA
Andrew Harvey - Institute for Sacred Activism, AR
Roshi Joan Halifax -Upaya Zen Center, NM
Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni - Awakening Truth, Colorado
Ayya Santacitta Bhikkhuni - Aloka Vihara, San Francisco CA
Ayya Anandabodhi Bhikkhuni-Aloka Vihara, San Francisco CA
Eugene Cash - Spirit Rock & San Francisco Insight
Rev.Gil Fronsdal-Insight Meditation Center,Redwood City CA
Bhante Bodhidhamma - Satipanya Retreat, Minsterley UK
Sarah Powers - Insight Yoga Institute, New York
Ty Powers - Insight Yoga Institute, New York
Christopher Titmuss - Teacher, Activist UK
Gregory Kramer - Insight Dialog, Orcas WA
Noah Levine - Dharma Punx, LA
Catherine McGee - Gaia House, Devon UK
Santusssika Bhikkhuni - Karuna Vihara, Millbrae CA
Bob Doppelt - Mindfulness & Climate Teacher, Eugene Oregon
Kristin Barker - One Earth Sangha, Washington DC
Trudy Goodman - LA Insight
Kittisaro - Chattanooga Insight & Dharmagiri S.Africa
Chris Cullen - Oxford Insight & Gaia House UK
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Sakyadhita, San Diego
Ashin Sopaka - Penang Malaysia
Adrianne Ross - Vancouver Insight, Canada
Kathryn Turnipseed - Albuquerque Vipassana Sangha, NM
Chas DiCapua - Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA
Martin Aylward - Moulin de Chaves Center, France
Pascal Auclair - Montreal Insight, Canada
Stefan Lang - Beatenberg Meditation Center, Switzerland
Grove Burnett - Vallecitos Mountain Center, Taos NM
Tina Rasmussen Ph.D - Awakening Dharma, CA
Stephen Snyder - Awakening Dharma, CA
Michael Grady - Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, MA
Pamela Weiss - San Francisco Insight
Dr Itamar Bashan - Bhavana House, Tel Aviv Israel
Norman Feldman - Insight Retreats, Ontario Canada
Fred Von Allmen-Beatenberg Meditation Center, Switzerland
Anna Douglas - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Donald Rothberg - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Spring Washam - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Sylvia Boorstein - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Arinna Weisman - Bay Area Queer Sangha, Oakland, CA
Nolitha Tsengiwe-Johannesburg Insight, Dharmagiri S.Africa
Nobantu Mpotulo - Pretoria Meditation, Dharmagiri S.Africa
Judy Tobler - Cape Town Meditation & Dharmagiri, S. Africa
Sue Cooper - Dharmagiri, Cape Town S.Africa
Bhikkhu Khemasiri - Kandersteg Monastery, Switzerland
Sally Armstrong - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Guy Armstrong - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Tempel Smith - East Bay Sangha, Oakland
Sujato Bhikkhu - Santi Forest Monastery, Australia
Ralph Steele - Life Transition Therapy, Santa Fe NM
Molly Swan - True North Insight, Ontario Canada
Ilan Lutenberg - Tovana Insight Meditation, Israel
Rob Burbea - Gaia House, Devon UK
Sister Kovida - Forest Sangha, Glastonbury UK
La Sarmiento - Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, DC
Stephen Fulder - Tovana Insight Meditation, Israel
Sebene Selassie - New York Insight.
Kirsten Kratz - Sangha Seva, Devon UK
Wes Nisker - Berkeley, CA
Mary Grace Orr - Spirit Rock Center, Volcano HI
Larry Yang - Spirit Rock Meditation Center CA
Noon Baldwin - Ekuthuleni Retreat Place, France
Sumedha - Ekuthuleni Retreat Place, France
Eva Bruha - Kalyana Centre for Mindfulness, Ireland
Howard Cohn-Spirit Rock & Mission Dharma San Francisco
Dechen Rochard - Cambridge University, UK
Mark Coleman - Awake in the Wild, CA
Diana Winston - Awareness Research Center UCLA
Thubten Chodron - Sravasti Abbey, WA
Elizabeth West - Buddhist, Christian, Vedanta Network, UK
Rory Singer - New Road Consultancy, UK
Dokjang Sunim - Czech Republic & Korea
Andrea Fella - Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City CA
Carol Wilson - Insight Meditation Society, MA
Sharda Rogell - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Sister Upekkha - Forest Sangha, India
Ursula Flueckiger-Beatenberg Meditation Centre,Switzerland
Gavin Harrison-Hawaii Island Insight Meditation Community
Anne Cushman - Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA
Ven Pannavati Bhikkhuni - Sisters of Compassion, NC
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor - Bay Area Sanghas, CA
Bernie Clark - Yin Yoga, Vancouver Canada
Shell Fischer - Winchester Insight Group, Virginia
Trisha Stotler-Insight Meditation Community of Washington
Ruth King - Mindful Community of Charlotte, NC
Hugh Byrne - Mindfulness for Everyday Life, MD
Ven. Dr. Cintita Dinsmore - Austin, TX
Ven. Samten Palmo - Sebastopol, CA
Lama Döndrup Jennifer Grant, CA
Amaranatho Samanera - Australia
Dhammadarsa Bhikkhu - Australia
Suvaco Bhikkhu - Devon Vihara UK
Mahesi Caplan - Golden Buddha - Totnes UK
Moyra Keane-Jo'burg Meditation & Dharmagiri, S.Africa
Simon Whitesman-Institute of Mindfulness-S.Africa
Marjo Oosterhoff - Irish Theravada Sangha
Greg Scharf - IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Sangha
Noliwe Alexander-East Bay Meditation Community Oakland
Yanai Postelnik-Gaia House UK
Rodney Smith-Seattle Insight
Dana DePalma-Spirit Rock, Marin CA
Sandy Boucher - Author, Oakland CA
Elizabeth Gaywood-Lam Rim Durban S.Africa
Anushka Fernandopulle-Meditation Teacher, San Francisco
Gina Sharpe - New York Insight
Thanissara - Chattanooga Insight & Dharmagiri S.Africa

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