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Please Create Refuge: Don't Kill America's Wild Horses

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Help ~Don't Kill Wild Horses with Tax Funding~Create Wild Horse Refuges upon our Public Lands and Parks

RACING AGAINST TIME to survive and run free, upon America's public lands:Native Wild Horses are in need of immediate protection, from tax funded, continuous, upcoming unnecessary harassing and deadly government removal and further cruel warehousing and barbaric sale to slaughter.

What's Happening: Presently, upon our vast and free public Western range lands, the last of our free roaming under 30,000 wild horses are fenced within to small of an area, a mere 12% portion, of 245 million acres of America's public lands is only granted for wild horses and burros to live upon.

This meager 12% land the horses are allotted to roam freely upon is being reduced to even a smaller inadequate dis-proportionate amount of land. The last of America's wild horses, now are forced to share their 12% public land grazing rights, with welfare cattle and sheep. In stark contrast the cash cows: 6 Million welfare cattle and sheep are granted 155 Million Acres amount of public land, to graze upon, by the Bureau of Land Management. Defying, even most basic mathematical logic, the wild horses, continue to be wrongfully blamed for causing "damage to the public rangelands" by Cattle Ranchers & most recently an Unbridled Bureau Of Land Management National Advisory Board recommendation: to suddenly suggest all BLM 44,000+ BLM captured wild horses awaiting adoption, instead be killed or sold to slaughter.

In response to our and America's, over whelming thunderous outrage: Thankfully, the BLM announced they would not immediately kill, nor sell the 44k+ BLM captured wild horses and burros to slaughter. However, the Bad News is the 44k+ BLM captured and free roaming wild horses are Not Safe from Sale to Slaughter: due to the corrupt Burns Amendment: after 3 failed adoption attempts any BLM captured wild horse may be sold without authority: even to kill buyers, for slaughter. Annually, 140,000 wild horses, retired racing and companion horses are sent across U.S. borders to horrific slaughter.

The Solution :

1. Open the fences, for wild horses to graze and roam more freely upon our 245 million acres of public lands, within mobile refuges: and open the gates: to return the 44k+ BLM captured wild horses, to live out their lives in peace and safety, to naturally migrate and graze freely, within protected mobile wild horse refuges. Instill practice of Speed Grazing, re-seeding of favorite grazing areas and growing of hay/feed and delivering of hay or feed and drinking water, in time of need ~i.e: planning ahead ~remedying starvation or thirst from drought

Issuing An Executive Order: Creates immediate protection for America's remaining free roaming under 30k and Bureau Of Land Management captured 48k wild horses, to roam freely and graze upon, within safe refuges, within our public lands and within our parks, to live out their lives, in peace and safety and to be preserved and supported as a species to survive and thrive, to be forever free from threat of extermination, extinction and slaughter. 

Benefits to create Wild Horse Refuges: 

Saving tax payers upward of $80 million dollars annually:

  • The cost of BLM's holding facility budget to warehouse 44k+ wild horses is approx. $64 Mil 
  • The price of BLM wild horse removals approximately $2 million dollars 
  • The cost of BLM's adoption program $6 million+ dollars  
  • Other activities: Monitoring:? $18 million dolllars
  • Totaling $90 millon dollars 

Improving health of public land & water


Reducing Desertification

Lowering Wildfire Threat

Saving wild horses & our land & water today 

Creating Green Jobs

Please also send individual letters and e-mails to President Obama, directly, Thank you!

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Photo: By Jeanne Bencich Nations Wild Horses at one with nature reflections of true peace, Elko Nevada

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