Please grant Clemency to my father Antonio Bascaro

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My father, Antonio Bascaró has been in prison for over 36 years with no prior criminal record for a non-violent, first-time marijuana-only offense all for helping supply a product that’s legal in a growing number of states. 

He is the longest serving marijuana prisoner in the history of the United States.  Today he is 81 years old.  I lost him to the legal system when I was 12 years old.  I hardly remember him outside of that environment.  My children barely know him. 

This gentle grandfather of 8 spends his days in a wheelchair, mostly by himself, reading newspapers and listening to the news in his cell at a federal prison south of Miami.

He calls me two to three times a week to see how I am doing and staying in touch.  I check on his health and we talk about plans for when he gets out hoping that on the next Christmas, birthday or summer we can be together.

My father has paid with his life (and ours) for that one marijuana offense.  I think that the time he has served is more than enough punishment.  He is not a threat to society and he has a large family waiting for him and ready to help him re-enter it.  That’s why I’m asking President Trump to please grant him clemency.

Please sign my petition asking President Trump to grant my father Antonio Bascaro clemency.