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Declare- Toxic Injury Awareness, Education and Prevention Month

There are 140 Million Americans suffering some form of Toxic Injury. The ADA, Region 10 Office reports those with chemical hypersensitivity (due to toxic injury) are "...the fastest growing segment of the disabled population." We are the least recognized and most discriminated against class of disabled due to the lack of awareness.

The "MCS" Beacon of Hope Foundation has sent the following letter or request to the President. Please sign our petition in support of the president issuing ths executive order, so that all those suffering with Toxic Injuries of any kind can get the help that they need.

Dear Mr. President,
Toxic Injury is a prevalent and growing problem for the people, the environment, and the economy. Year after year, we here at the "MCS" Beacon of Hope Foundation have fought through our own disabilities to write letters and petition Governors to declare May Toxic Injury Awareness and Education Month. For the last several years we've achieved over 50% participation. But not this year. 

We weren't able to accomplish it this year, due to the degradation of the health of our small band of dedicated volunteers. So we're turning to you Mr. President, and asking you, to do with one executive order, what we were unable to accomplish this year. It normally takes us 9 months, and all of our limited resources. We do not have the health or the strength to continue the fight for the lives and rights of so many people without your help. Please issue an Executive Order declaring one month out of the year "Toxic Injury Awareness, Education and Prevention Month. We normally use May, but we will take any month. We’ve attached a copy of our suggested proclamation for your convenience and refer you to our site ( for other pertinent information and a list of past Letters of Request & signed Proclamations. 
We're not unmindful, or ungrateful for the progress that Secretary Sebelius, Director Frieden, Director Portier, and Administrator Jackson have all made during your presidency. They've done some wonderful things. The problem is, people from our class of disabled are still lacking acceptance, understanding, measurable positive change, and a safer and healthier United States to live, raise our little ones and work in. The majority of medical professionals and others, in positions of authority, still choose to discriminate against us. We know laws are in place that should protect us but these laws are not being enforced, in such a way as to include us. Our health is not being protected and our basic and civil rights are being denied.

There are millions of us Nationwide with Toxic Injuries from poisons in our air, water, food, personal care and cleaning products, toxic spills and the exposures to those in military service. Many of those living with Toxic Injury/disabilities are homebound due to the seriousness of our reactions to added exposures. We are forced to live in isolation in order to survive. Without the recognition and accommodations that our disability medically requires, we will continue to suffer severe pain and debilitation, be unable to work, attend school or socialize. We long to be able to safely receive medical care and treatment, to return to self sufficiency and once again be contributing members of our society. Toxic Injury is non-partisan; it transcends the boundaries of race, color, creed, economic level, social & educational status, age, gender, urban or rural dweller, blue or white collar workers, or sexual preference. It is, tongue in cheek, an equal opportunity disability. . .

Toxic Injury Facts:

Toxic Injury can affect the respiratory, central nervous, immune, musculoskeletal, porphyrin, metabolism and hormone systems. It can cause abnormal egg, sperm, genital deformity or cancers such as prostate, breast, leukemia, brain and others. Toxic Injury is often characterized by medical intolerance to minute amounts of air pollution, petrochemicals, mold and other toxins found in our homes, our everyday products and environment. It can be caused by acute or chronic exposure.

Some citations:
•"In a strongly worded declaration, many of the world’s leading environmental scientists warned Thursday that exposure to common chemicals makes babies more likely to develop an array of health problems later in life, including diabetes, attention deficit disorders, prostate cancer, fertility problems, thyroid disorders and even obesity.” Chemicals harming fetuses--LA Times article, Subject: Article from Common Dreams News Center, Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 11:48:35 -0400

Research shows that:
• there is a corresponding rise in birth defects & infant mortality to the increase in consumer product toxins.
• both long term small dose and short term large dose exposures are causing permanent debilitating illnesses.
• there is a corresponding rise in childhood disease, chronic health conditions and neurologic conditions to the increase in consumer product toxins, as well as in adult populations.
• “According to the CDC, 133 million people in the U.S.—almost half of all Americans—are now living with these and other chronic diseases and conditions, which now account for 70% of deaths and 75% of U.S. health care costs.” Safer Chemicals, Healthy families; Case for Reforming the TSCA.

Please President Obama do the right thing. Sign an Executive order that mirrors the attached Proclamation and stop the discrimination we suffer. Enforce the laws that are already in place to protect us. Declare May, June, July, or any month, as “National Toxic Injury Awareness, Education and Prevention month”.

We would appreciate your letting us know our request was received. If we can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send an “Original” signed Toxic Injury Awareness, Education and Prevention Proclamation to the National office and the Founder, Peggy Troiano at the Florida address listed below.

Sincerely, your friends in Hope & Health,

Peggy, Julia, Jennifer and John

Peggy Troiano, Founder and Program Manager

Julia Williams, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Jennifer McKinnis, Regional Director of Toxic Injury Awareness

John McBride, New Jersey State Representative & Toxic Mold Activist/Consultant
“MCS” in the “MCS” Beacon of Hope Foundation stands for: multiple toxic chemicals and other toxins are involved, multiple symptoms are presented and multiple body systems are adversely affected.

As of January 2011, the MCS Beacon of Hope is a charitable project of United Charitable Programs (a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit).

National Toxic Injury Awareness, Education and Prevention

WHEREAS: people of all ages throughout the world have developed Toxic Injury, illnesses, and disabilities from toxic exposures.

WHEREAS: Toxic Injury is often characterized by medical intolerance to very small amounts of air pollution, petrochemicals, mold and other toxins found in homes, schools, work places, our everyday products and environment. It can be caused by acute or chronic exposure to one or more chemicals, pesticides, and solvents.

WHEREAS: Toxic Injury may include multiple, often disabling illnesses and can be life threatening.

WHEREAS: Toxic Injury is a chronic debilitating condition causing serious financial, employment, learning, housing, health, social and other consequences.

WHEREAS: The prevalence of these illnesses and the lack of knowledge and qualified doctors clearly warrant further education in this field for the public in general, future as well as practicing doctors, dentists, rescue personnel as well as other health care, social service, rehabilitation, housing, architects, HVAC designers and installers, building maintenance and cleaning personnel, school and employer/supervisory persons at schools, work places and public facilities and pest control personnel. “Applied Knowledge is Power” and that Power can save precious lives!

WHEREAS: There are diagnostic codes readily available for toxic effects of many chemicals found in our everyday environment and surroundings.

WHEREAS: Those suffering with Toxic Injury deserve the same rights, acknowledgment, respect, support and help allotted to other illnesses & disabilities.



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