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Impeach The Entire US Supreme Court

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April 6, 2013, 2:22 PM Eastern US time
To President Obama, Congress, and the American people:
The US Supreme Court is charged with the
responsibility of overseeing the Nation's courts,
affirming Article Six of the US Constitution,
and upholding the US Constitution against all
legislative, judicial or executive challenges.
In the past 25 years, the US Supreme Court
has handed down some shocking rulings which
are contrary to the spirit of the Constitution and
which uphold corruption; and the US Supreme
Court has also failed to take remedial action to
affirm the Constitution against direct and blatant
challenges, even when these challenges are
brought squarely to the attention of the Clerk's
office or the Court itself, or even when these
challenges to the Constitution and Constitutional
violations of the most flagrant type are of such a
level of common knowledge as to be
inescapably obvious to all informed citizens.
The President can take note of the fact that the
Constitution states that the "Judges, both of
the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their
Offices during good Behaviour." (Art. III, Sec. 1)
and that "Treason against the United States,
shall consist only in levying War against them,
or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them
Aid and Comfort." (Ibid, Sec. 3)
Moreover, any official or official staffer of the
United States who knowingly violates the Oath
of Office, or otherwise in any way violates the
Constitution or intermixes untruth with law is
an Enemy of the United States; and Constitutional
treason is a form of War against the United
States, especially when such actions threaten
the integrity of Full Faith and Credit (Art. IV, Sec. I)
If the President is to remove Supreme Court Justices
for official breach of good behavior, (and who else
would be able to do that except the same branch
of government which appoints them in the first
instance?) or if Congress is to impeach Supreme
Court Justices (which has been done in the past;
US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase, of
Baltimore, Maryland, was impeached in 1805
and acquitted - the House of Representatives
began the proceedings); it ought to be established
that the first rank of breach of good behavior is
to play fast and loose with the law in the context
of railroading justice and displacing the Constitution
with an anti-Constitutional agenda.
This behavior has been repetitive on the US
Supreme Court, especially in more recent years;
and this is difficult to understand in view of the
fact that the individuals who serve on the High Court
have such impressive records and illustrious careers.
We shall show this shocking and anti-Constitutional
behavior in further reports and comments on this
In order to forswear political bias and manipulation,
it is recommended that the President remove all
nine Supreme Court Justices at once; and appoint
nine nominees in their stead; and the standards by
which the replacements should be evaluated should
include the following questions addressed directly to
each nominee; with the following suggested correct
answers demonstrating suitability for appointment:
1) Do you believe that the Constitution is the Law of
the Land, and should be supreme in all questions of
law? Correct answer: Yes.
2) Do you believe that the Patriot Act and other laws
which infringe upon the Constitution should be
repudiated and ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme
Court in entirety, and permitted to be reintroduced
only in piecemeal, single-issue legislation form which
passes all tests of Constitutional muster?
Correct answer: Yes.
3) Do you pledge to strike down all unconstitutional
legislation, acts and harmful oppressions of Government
as they become known to you, and to make a diligent
effort to find these out for purposes of original jurisdiction
and mandamus, even if these matters are not immediately
on the docket or on course for immediate appeal to the
Supreme Court, and even if these matters are now
strictly within State jurisdiction according to official
records? Correct answer: Yes.
4) Do you pledge to overturn and declare void all such
rulings and laws which provide for and assert judicial
immunity, wide discretionary powers of courts, and
prosecutorial immunity for lying and fabricating and
malicious prosecution? Correct answer: Yes.
5) Do you plan to make "life begins at conception"
the primary standard for ruling on laws pertaining to
foeticide? Correct answer: No.
6) Do you pledge to uphold voting rights and the
rights of the citizen? Correct answer: Yes.
7) Do you pledge to restore the Third and Fourth
Amendment against all eminent domain incursions
of municipal, State and Federal Government, and
overturn all acts, rulings and opinions which have
overturned the Constitutional rights of Americans
in a harmful way, in such property cases?
Correct answer: Yes.
8) Do you pledge to uphold the Right to Self
Defense as defined in the 2nd Amendment, and
to extend this right to other types of protective
keeping and bearing of arms such as motor
vehicles, computers, and portable communications
devices, and to ensure against infringement of
these rights? Correct answer: Yes.
9) Do you pledge to uphold any Line Item Veto
type Act of Congress, and to reverse any prior
Supreme Court decisions which have stricken
down Line Item Veto types of legislation and
legislation to recapture revenue from monies
unspent from legislative allocations?
Correct answer: Yes.
10) Do you pledge to uphold all First Amendment
rights and related rights from infringement;
including but not limited to Academic Freedom,
Right to Privacy, Freedom of Exercise of Religion,
Exemption from Religious Test (Article Six, but
related to the First Amendment), Freedom from
Compusory Allegiance to and support of any
Religious Establishment, Freedom of Speech,
Freedom of Publication, Freedom of Press,
Freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom
to petition Government for redress of grievances,
and freedom to peaceably network on behalf
of petitions without interference; and freedom
to broadcast furtherance of Freedom of Speech
and Press, and to strike down and nullify all
laws and rulings which abridge in any way
the First Amendment rights of Americans?
Correct answer: Yes.
11) Do you pledge to strike down any law,
act, court decision or other official act of
Government in the United States, which imposes
any type of cruel and unusual punishment,
whether as a result of due process of law or
conviction of crime, or not? Correct answer: Yes.
12) Do you pledge to uphold the power of the President
to grant pardons and/or reprieves not only for
Federal convicts, but for people not yet convicted
of any crime; for people convicted only of a State,
Territorial, Admiralty or lesser offense; for victims
of Government misconduct; for victims of judicial
excess and denial of due process; for victims of private
or social misconduct; and for victims of extrapolations
of misconduct by Government: and do you pledge to
completely respect the power of the President and all
Governors of all States and Territories to grant pardons and
reprieves, including commutations and compensation
for man-made disasters, as they see fit and with or
without the advice of any Board of Pardons or Office
of the Pardon Attorney? Correct answer: Yes.
13) Do you pledge to hold Government responsible for
its actions, misconduct, damages, breaches of the
peace, false arrests, malicious prosecutions, failures
of negligence, acts of malice and prejudice, and
Constitutional infringements in all cases wherein you
presumably will rule or create an opinion; and do you
pledge to assist victims of Constitutional infringements,
denials of due process and other similar harmful acts
in a way which is meaningful and fully restorative?
Correct answer: Yes.
14) Do you pledge to restore the right of students and teachers
in public schools and colleges to read the King James Bible
or other revered religious Scripture or philosophical work in
class, to have access to the King James Bible (ibid) in every
classroom, and to pray in school, both privately and as
a participatory opening exercise and closing ceremony
in class, if the order or measure to do so is passed without
objection on a schoolwide basis; and if objected to,
to sustain the objection and to stop the Bible reading
or scripture or philosophic reading and prayer activity
only on a classroom-by-classroom basis, which will
extend no further than the scope of the objection or the
instruction of the classroom wherein there is any student
so offended or infringed upon? Correct answer: Yes.
15) Do you pledge to do your utmost to provide ready
legal access for those unable to afford legal counsel
or Court filing fees, in the most egregiously harmful
legal cases at a very minimum; to ensure that no
American shall be deprived of justice or "fall through
the cracks" of a system which has recently been
justifiably described as "broken"? Correct answer: Yes.
16) Do you pledge to work diligently to remove corrupt
or questionably behaving Judges from the bench
at all levels of Government, and to ensure that all people
who work for courts in any capacity will be above
reproach in the way they handle records, transcripts,
official statements, and other statements of the judicial
branch, with accuracy? Correct answer: Yes.
17) Do you pledge to uphold Article One, Section Eight
exclusive Right to Writings and Discoveries in a way
which protects the domain of such intellectual property
without infringing upon the academic freedom of scholars
and the general public to obtain and use such writings
and discoveries in a way which does not actionably
harm Authors and Inventors? Correct answer: Yes.
18) Do you pledge to affirm the original and true intent
of the Founders and drafters of all provisions of the
Constitution, and to build upon that in your rulings,
opinions and testaments; and to refrain from speculation,
adulteration and "living document" legislation from
the bench, and to strike down all such rulings and
legislative codicils which run contrary to the original
and true intent of the Founders and drafters of
respective provisions of the Constitution?
Correct answer: Yes.
By these ways, means and standards, the Supreme
Court of the United States may and will be reconstituted
after the removal of all nine Justices from the bench,
including the Chief Justice of the United States;
the punishment for Supreme Court treason against
the Constitution shall extend no further than removal
from their official positions, and shall be without
prejudice, recrimination or further adversarial action.
In this way, We, the people of the United States, will
affirm the Republic as one nation, under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Scott Davis
Chairman, Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont PA 19028-0877


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